The Bachelor's Victoria Larson Reveals Who She Thought Matt James Would Choose

Victoria Larson caused quite the stir on Season 25 of The Bachelor. The entrepreneur repeatedly referred to herself as "the queen" throughout her time on the reality show and repeatedly showed off some eccentric behavior before Bachelor Matt James sent her home during episode five. Victoria didn't hold back in the episode that saw her eliminated, and cameras were around to capture her very dramatic meltdown after Matt confronted her about some controversial comments she made about the other contestants.

"Literally, there's no one in here he can marry besides me. I'm literally the best option for him. I'm not being rude — I'm being serious," she lamented to crew members through tears following the awkward conversation (via Gold Derby). "If he's going to believe some idiot over me, he's not my person. If that does happen that'll suck because that's not the way I wanted to leave this situation." She added shortly before being sent home that she would "be so heartbroken" and would "literally die" if Matt didn't choose her.

Of course, fans know that Matt went on to pick Rachael Kirkconnell, though the two dramatically split before the "After the Final Rose" special after Rachael was involved in a race-related scandal, for which she apologized. But while fans probably didn't see that unfortunate twist coming, Victoria has admitted that she didn't think Matt would have picked Rachael in the first place. 

Read on to find out who she thought was the frontrunner.

Victoria Larson couldn't believe Matt James picked Rachael Kirkconnell

Speaking with Us Weekly in April 2021, Victoria Larson revealed she thought Matt James' final rose would go to third place finisher Bri Springs. "I knew Michelle [Young] would make it pretty far, and then in hindsight, I'm like, 'OK, not surprised Rachael won because they did have a strong connection, but I really thought Bri was going to,'" she admitted.

Victoria added she believed Bri was very much the frontrunner when she went home and it took her a while to accept Matt had chosen Rachael. "I thought Bri was winning. So even when I was home and people told me, 'No, Rachael won,' I did not believe anyone for like a month. I'm like, 'No, Bri won, like, I think you got it wrong. There's no way Rachael's winning.' I just thought his and Bri's connection was strong," she added.

Victoria also revealed the truth about her relationship with Matt. Despite her dramatic reactions on the show, she claimed her affection for him wasn't as strong as it seemed, saying there was no "romantic spark" or "physical chemistry" between them. "I didn't feel it. So I was just like, 'OK, let's bring the queen. Like, let's just have fun with it. That's kind of how it was for me." As for whether or not Victoria could ever pop up on the franchise again, we'll have to wait and see, but some fans would surely love to see this queen back with more drama.