Inside Kane Brown's Marriage

Country star Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn Jae seem like a perfect match. The pair, who met back in 2015, married in 2018, and became a family of three in 2019 following the birth of their first child, Kingsley Rose Brown, are always publicly supportive of one another — especially Jae (via The Boot). Many people don't know, but the 28-year-old was actually working on her own music career before she met and fell in love with the singer and former X Factor contestant. However, in an interview with Taylor Magazine, Jae said that she decided to switch gears and get into the management side of the music industry after meeting Brown. She attended Berklee College Of Music, where she says she "learned earned everything from the legal side, to publishing, to songwriting." She explained her reasoning for pausing her own singing career, revealing, "I thought it'd be beneficial for both of us to really understand the industry." 

Want to know more about Brown's wife and her own career in the music industry? Keep reading to learn all about her and her love story with Brown.  

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae met in the music industry

Around the time of the birth of their baby girl, Kingsley Rose Brown, Kane Brown's wife Katelyn Jae opened up about the couple's relationship and how she got to where she is now. She told Taylor Magazine that she actually met Brown while she was an artist herself. She revealed, "We met when I was living in Orlando, Florida, and I was working on my music career." She continued,  "Kane was just starting out with his music career, and we met through a producer who we were both working with at the time. He was doing a show and I was in the studio in Miami working, and the producer was like, 'Hey, I'm working with this other artist and you should come up here.'" 

Following their meet-cute, the pair instantly hit it off, which Jae says led to her wanting to pursue music management instead of being a singer/songwriter. She told Taylor Magazine, "honestly, I don't think I'll go back to performing. If I get back into music, it'll be working in the studio and writing. I'll leave the performing part to Kane!" So, this basically means the couple will take the music industry by storm, thanks to Brown's solo success and Jae's knowledge of music management!