Chris Young's Net Worth: How Much Is The Country Superstar Worth?

Chris Young is one of the most famous artists in the country music industry, and his career is definitely something to brag about. The singer's success has awarded him plenty of fortune, but he's always made a conscious effort to give back to those in need. 

In 2017, USA Today reported that the CMT nominee donated $100,000 to help victims recover from Hurricane Harvey, which devastated East Texas. "I have friends and family there," he said in a video. "And I'm fairly positive my house down there may have to be torn down as it was in one of the hardest-hit areas by wind and flooding." However, Young shared that his home was the "least" of his concerns, and he started a GoFundMe page to help. "I'm pledging $100,000 directly to a GoFundMe account to benefit the Red Cross in an effort to help everyone in Texas that has been affected by this hurricane." Fundraising efforts reached a little over $386,000

The country star also made a generous donation in March 2020, following the deadly tornadoes in Nashville. "My heart goes out to everyone who lost friends or family last night. It's devastating to see photos this morning of the city I call home," he wrote on Instagram. "I don't even recognize some of the locations it's so bad... to help I'm donating $50,000 to the Music City Inc Foundation." 

With all that extra cash to donate, Young must have a lot of money in the bank! Keep scrolling to see how much he's worth. 

Chris Young has a lot of cash in the bank

There's no doubt that Chris Young's music career has done him well. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the talented artist is worth $4 million, and it's safe to say that his star (and bank account) will continue to rise. 

The singer has made a ton of money off of albums and touring. According to Live About, Young got his start on a talent search in 2006, and that put his name on the map. Since then, he's released several hits, including "Drinkin' Me Lonely," "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)," and "Tomorrow." Young has benefited off of his vocal talents and signed a few endorsement deals, including one with Comisario Tequila, per his website. Along with a nationwide advertising campaign, the singer also made appearances at events to promote the brand. "I'm so proud to be working with Comisario Tequila," he gushed. "It's exciting to be a small part of their growth in the marketplace, and it's truly the finest tequila I've ever had." 

Young also spends his money on cars, but instead of luxury, he goes practical. According to CMT, he used his own car (a Dodge Challenger) in his music video for "I'm Comin' Over" in 2015. "Now it's faster than an SRT, technically. We've definitely done some things," Young said of the vehicle. "It has custom headers, the intake and exhaust are all different. And, plus, we supercharged it." You have got to love Young's humble attitude and incredible generosity!