Why Twitter Is Furious With Harry At The Funeral Procession

A Twitter tsunami erupted because Prince William and Prince Harry did not walk behind their grandfather's coffin into the church for Prince Philip's funeral. On April 16, the AP reported Buckingham Palace released Prince Philip's funeral details, which revealed that William and Harry's cousin, Peter Phillips, would walk between the brothers as they walked behind the coffin.

Prince Philip's funeral brings back the memory of the young princes walking behind their mother's coffin in 1997. The iconic photo of the royal brothers walking behind Princess Diana's coffin was heartbreaking. Of course, The world is watching the royal brothers as their relationship became strained after The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped away from their royal duties in 2020.

There has been a great deal of media speculation about Harry and William's relationship after the infamous Oprah interview. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's interview made the already-strained bond between the royal brothers even worse. The funeral represents their first public reunion since Harry's Meg-xit.

Twitter blames Prince Harry for drama

Buckingham Palace remained mum on the reason why the brothers would not walk side-by-side behind Prince Philip's coffin. While the Palace was quiet about Harry and William, social media users had plenty of feelings.

Twitter had strong reactions about Prince William and Prince Harry not walking together behind their grandfather's coffin. "How sad that Prince William and Prince Harry will not walk shoulder to shoulder in procession behind Prince Philip's coffin," Dan Wootton tweeted. "No one ever imagined relations between the brothers getting this bad."

"Harry can't be trusted and there lies the issue no matter what happens at the funeral," Twitter user sukiweeks replied. "Wills can't talk to his Brother as Meghan will hear and she passes on to sources who leak to the press. I wouldn't say anything him either, probably couldn't even stand near him." Another Twitter user wrote, "Sad and shocking. Meghan and Harry have brought so much grief to the family." Yikes!

Others said protocol dictated the procession arrangement

While emotions ran high about William and Harry, some Twitter tried to get people to focus and calm down. British writer Tony Parsons tweeted, "Today is not about William and Harry."

Scottish tweeter Paola Brett also tried to tap down the emotional messages about Harry and William, reminding the masses that this may not have been the brothers choice at all. "Settle down! Peter is the Queen and Prince Philip's first-born grandchild," Brett tweeted. "Protocol dictates that the eldest royal stands in the middle, followed by the next eldest to his or her right, and the youngest to the left – hence why Peter will be flanked by William and Harry." Well, there you have it.