Jessa Duggar's Most Scandalous Outfits

Jessa Duggar is the fifth Duggar child in the 19 Kids and Counting family. Her next oldest sister is family rebel Jill Duggar, and her next youngest sister is California-based Jinger Duggar. Fans of Counting On know that Jessa's sisters Jill and Jinger were the first to buck Duggar fashion rules, but what are Jessa's most scandalous outfits?

We aren't talking about actual "scandalous" fashion choices; we're talking inappropriate outfits according to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's fashion rules for their daughters. Duggar family matriarch Michelle wrote a TLC blog post about modest dressing. The blog post advised that modesty means covering up "from the neck down to the knee. I really should be defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts."

Mama Duggar's blog post about modest dressing was deleted by TLC later, for obvious reasons. The Duggars raised their kids under strict rules based on their fundamentalist Christian views. But in addition to the family's seemingly oppressive guidelines, father Jim Bob appears to have "control" issues. In 2015, People reported that sources close to the family claimed Jim Bob ruled his family "like a dictator." Yikes!

It seems like defying Jim Bob and Michelle would be hard, even on smaller decisions. Keep reading to learn how Jessa broke Duggar family guidelines by wearing scandalous outfits!

Jessa defied Duggar family rules by wearing pants

Jessa Duggar is a quiet rebel in the Duggar family. Some of her siblings may get headlines, but Jessa has been building her life with her husband Ben Seewald in a way that's different from her childhood. Jessa works as a social media influencer with 2.2 million followers on Instagram, and she appears to be one of the most popular members of TLC's Counting On. Let's take a look at rebel Jessa's most scandalous outfits.

One of Jessa's outfits was so "wild" even the U.K. media wrote about it. In April 2021, The Sun reported that Jessa wore maternity skinny jeans! Buckle in, because the Duggar daughter is going to shock you with her scandalous fashion. In March 2020, CinemaBlend reported about Jessa wearing sweatpants during a YouTube video where she redoes a changing table. According to CinemaBlend, seeing Jessa in sweatpants was a "big change." 

And on the subject of big change, one of Jessa's biggest wardrobe shockers happened while on a family vacation. In February 2021, CafeMom reported that Jessa wore a swim dress to the beach when she and her husband Ben took the kids to Florida. The dress was short-sleeved and knee-length, but it still showed more skin than the average Duggar outfit. 

Per The Sun, some of Jim Bob's rules include not "showing legs or dressing in a revealing manner" and not wearing pants. Fans would love to know what Jim Bob thinks about some of Jessa's fashion choices!