The Truth About Danielle From Married At First Sight: Unmatchables

As if going on Lifetime's "Married at First Sight" to marry a stranger on television wasn't terrifying enough, imagine being one of the 16 potential suitors on the spinoff "Married at First Sight: Unmatchables." It just sounds a little dangerous, doesn't it? 

The spinoff follows 16 singles who had previously applied to get married at first sight but for one reason or another, didn't seem ready for marriage at the time to the experts. Now, in each self-contained episode, these hopefuls will be put through the ringer by "Married at First Sight" experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Viviana Coles in the hopes of transforming their ... well, let's just say quirky ways. Then, they go on a blind date at the end to see if the personality makeovers led to any change at all. One of the hardest contestants to match might be Danielle Haugabrook, who has many personality traits and beliefs that made it hard for her to be married at first sight the first time she applied. 

That's saying a lot, given that the experts are also dealing with a guy who "has ghosted 30 to 40 women," a woman with "a penchant for eating on the toilet," and a man who simply "doesn't believe in conversation," per the New York Post. These are not the easiest people to deal with, for sure. But what makes Danielle so hard to fall in love with? 

Danielle knows she's 'a lot'

Danielle Haugabrook, who is set to appear on "Married At First Sight: Unmatchables" seemingly isn't afraid to speak her mind. And there's nothing wrong with that, but given the fact that she's going on a show steeped in heteronormative beliefs in marriage, she might have wanted to hide the fact that she thinks monogamy is a scam in her audition tape. "Maybe I can have two husbands," she says in the trailer. On top of that, she also believes the Earth is flat. 

On Instagram, she posts pictures of her out with her friends, inspirational memes about being a strong woman, and even some pole dancing shots. Her social media went a little dark leading up to the premiere of the show, but in late March 2021, she posted a series of pictures saying that she was "back" and ready to try new things. The series ends with her reluctantly eating an oyster for what seems like the first time, so maybe her time on the show taught her to bend some of her stringent beliefs. 

She also has a ton of friends who are cheering her on. When she revealed that she going on the show on her IG, people were happy for her. "This is your calling!!" one friend wrote. Another said congrats, to which Danielle replied, "you know I'm a lot." It sounds like those who know Danielle love her just the way she is. There's gotta be someone out there for her.