Political Expert Exposes The Real Reason Caitlyn Jenner's Running For Governor Of California

Caitlyn Jenner announced on April 23, 2021, that she was officially planning a run for governor of California, as had been rumored. While, as we all know, she would not be the first reality TV star to run for political office, there is good reason to doubt that her campaign will be successful in the end.

Dr. Reneé Carr, who is a psychologist as well as a political and corporate advisor, told Nicki Swift that she's skeptical not only of Caitlyn's chances, but also of her motivations in running for governor. Caitlyn is not Dr. Carr's patient, so while she cannot make any firm judgments on Caitlyn's state of mind amid her announcement, her professional expertise does enable her to form some educated guesses based on observations. "Caitlyn Jenner running for Governor of California is likely an attempt to increase media attention and not a real interest in politics," Dr. Carr said.

Scroll on to learn why the expert doesn't think Caitlyn Jenner is cut out for government.

Caitlyn Jenner might not be right for elected office

Psychologist and political advisor Dr. Reneé Carr told Nicki Swift that she doesn't think Caitlyn Jenner is serious about politics because of the demands of campaigning, as well as certain character traits she's seen in Caitlyn in the past. "With a history of exhibiting avoidant personality traits, Caitlyn is likely to continue being uncomfortable in confrontations, personal judgments, and professional attacks — all of which are commonplace in politics," Dr. Carr said.

She added that Caitlyn's connection to Kim Kardashian — and Kim's foray into law school and social justice — might be a contributing factor. "With Kim entering the legal field, it may be a way for Caitlyn to indirectly maintain affiliation not only with the Kardashian limelight, but also in trying to use fame to fight against injustices and discrimination."

However, Dr. Carr warns that if Caitlyn is hoping to maintain her status as a public figure without being subjected to unfair scrutiny, she has another thing coming. "For most celebrities, entering politics provides a way to maintain a high-profile status, but without having to focus excessively on physical appearance," Dr. Carr said. "For Caitlyn, this will likely not happen. Instead, her appearance will likely be scrutinized more than most candidates and elected officials."

All that being said, the only person who knows what's really going on inside Caitlyn Jenner's head is Caitlyn Jenner herself. The rest of us will have to wait and watch what happens.