Who Is Reality Steve?

Everyone in Bachelor Nation knows that the most important person in "The Bachelor" franchise is not Chris Harrison; it's Reality Steve. The all-knowing blogger has accurately predicted many winning Bachelors and Bachelorettes over the past few years. Reality Steve's real name is Stephen Carbone, and he's the go-to resource on the planet for anything "Bachelor" related. 

On April 22, 2021, the reality TV guru made headlines for a creepy phone conversation with former contestant Demi Burnett. The blogger apologized to Demi after she called him out on Twitter for his phone call to tell her about his sex dream (via Page Six). Um, what?

Reality Steve apologized via tweet, writing, "I am apologizing now knowing how uncomfortable I made you feel. I crossed boundaries I didn't think at the time I was crossing. I did not know this until today. So for that, I hope you can accept my apology." 

Yikes. Well, if you still want to know more about the king of "Bachelor" spoilers, keep reading.

Reality Steve is a regular guy with a lot of power in Bachelor Nation

According to a "New York Times" feature about Reality Steve, writing spoilers about "The Bachelor" is lucrative. Stephen Carbone, a.k.a. Reality Steve, told the outlet he earned a "comfortable six-figure income" from his reality TV blog.

Reality Steve confessed to "The New York Times" that he didn't plan on a career as a reality TV guru, it just happened. Steve wrote emails to friends giving snarky recaps of the TV show "Joe Millionaire." His emails grew so popular that he started his now-famous blog "RealitySteve.com" in 2003. He didn't dive into Bachelor Nation until 2009, and by 2011 Steve quit his day job to become a full-time reality TV blogger.

Steve writes his blog from Frisco, Texas, a suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He's a regular guy who likes Olive Garden, he has an adorable dog, and Cosmopolitan reported that Steve was in a relationship in 2020. The reality TV blogger is a regular Joe, but he holds sway in Bachelor Nation.

As Demi Burnett pointed out in her tweet about Reality Steve, he has "power" over Bachelor Nation contestants. He's well-connected when it comes to the world of "The Bachelor," which is how he always seems to know how the shows are going to turn out.