Jade Cline's Net Worth: How Much Is The Teen Mom 2 Star Worth?

"Teen Mom 2" fans know Jade Cline for her relationship with her on-and-off boyfriend Sean and her parents. But we cannot forget about her daughter Kloie, the real star of her segments.

In addition to her rocky love life, Jade's storyline also focused on her tumultuous relationship with her parents, per PopCulture. "They've been strung out for so long, they're like binge addicts, where they'll binge [on drugs] and then they'll be okay. And then it's like a fairytale for like a month and it's like I have my mom back, my mommy is back," Jade said. "It hurts because I've grown up and I haven't had my mom there. My heart was hurting because my real dad committed suicide when I was 6 months old."

With the new season of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" set to premiere on May 4, fans may be wondering how much Jade is worth. Keep reading for more details.

Jade Cline is worth less than you think

Jade Cline has an estimated net worth of $250,000, according to The Hollywood Gossip. When she started on "Teen Mom 2," she reportedly earned $5,000 per episode, via The Sun. Jade used to work at her family's restaurant in Indiana, but it closed due to "unavoidable circumstances," according to TV OverMind.

Despite her success on TV, Jade has run into problems paying bills. On April 4, 2018, she was sued by Midland Funding, LLC for failing to pay her Best Buy credit card bill, according to Radar Online. "Defendant has failed to pay the Plaintiff the remaining balance of its account in the sum of $1,285.75, with post-judgment interest at 8% per annum until satisfied," the court papers said. And that's not all: In January 2020, an Indiana judge ordered her to pay nearly $5,000 in "unpaid rent, damages and attorney fees" to her old landlord, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

Money issues aside, Jade has other streams of income when the cameras stop rolling. She's a licensed cosmetologist and runs Hair Slayed by Jade, her own hairstyling business. Although Jade is successful with a host of clients, cosmetology school is expensive, and paying for that could have impacted her overall earnings. 

Jade also has an OnlyFans account, with monthly subscriptions starting at $15 and going as high as $126. She has also partnered with children's clothing line Pat Pat Kids. Jade purchased and renovated a camper, and it seems like she's making a new start, per The Sun.