Briana DeJesus's Net Worth: How Much Is The Teen Mom 2 Star Worth?

Briana DeJesus is one of the newer cast members on "Teen Mom 2," which means that she does not quite rake in the same pay as many of her counterparts. As fans of the hit MTV show know, fans first met Briana on an episode of "16 and Pregnant."  She also appeared briefly on "Teen Mom 3" in 2013 (via IMDb). In 2017, she joined the cast of "Teen Mom 2." At the time, she told E! News that she was excited about living her life on-screen. "It's basically the same, but now I'm a little older, a little more mature," she dished. "It's still the same in my eyes, though. It's like [the crew] never left!"

Briana has been an open book on the show, and viewers have watched her juggle her two children, Nova and Stella, whom she shares with two different baby daddies. One of the points of contention between her and her ex Devoin Austin has been money and his lack of support for their daughter Nova. In 2020, MTV aired an episode where Devoin slammed Briana for spending $15,000 on plastic surgery (via The Sun). Shortly after, Briana clapped back at the claims, posting a since-deleted photo of a surgery bill that said the procedure cost her $0 (per The Sun). Briana underwent multiple surgeries, including a tummy tuck, breast lift, and she also had her booty re-shaped. Yet, even though the procedures were seemingly free, Briana could probably afford it on her own. Keep scrolling to find out her net worth.

Inside Briana DeJesus' bank account and home

Briana DeJesus has done pretty well for herself in her career. According to CheatSheet, the reality star is worth $750,000. The same outlet shared that Chelsea Houska had the highest net worth of any of the "Teen Mom 2" stars (before she left the show), accumulating a fortune of $2 million. According to The Things, Briana started off making only $20,000 per season, but her salary has increased to $100,000 per season. She also still holds a corporate job that she talks about from time to time, but not many deets are known (though she has mentioned that it has something to do with timeshares). In addition, also holds a part-time job at a beauty salon, if you can believe that!

The mother of two recently moved from an apartment to a townhome, which is one of her most significant purchases to date. According to The Sun, the MTV star purchased the townhouse in November 2019 for $269,000. The pad is just over 2,000 square feet, featuring four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Shortly thereafter, a construction company sued Briana for $5,000 (via The Sun) for failing to pay her balance. The star claimed that the company failed to do proper work, which is why she did not want to pay. "Granite was not cut right, and they messed up the plumbing. We are fighting not to pay for it because they messed up," she said. Despite the drama, Briana's home does look incredible, and fans can see glimpses of it on the show and social media.