Black Ink Crew's Ceaser Emanuel's Advice For Getting Your First Tattoo - Exclusive

VH1's "Black Ink Crew New York" is back for a ninth season, and Ceaser Emanuel is excited for fans to see what the cast has been up to. In addition to addressing the coronavirus pandemic, Season 9 of "Black Ink Crew New York" will also focus on Emanuel expanding his business and facing some difficult decisions regarding his original tattoo shop, 113th in Harlem.

In spite of any difficulties he might have faced, Emanuel loves meeting with new tattoo clients. "Because most of the time, people have some amazing stories on why they get tattooed, because to sit there and go through that pain, you have to have some type of story, for what reason why you're going through what you're going through," he revealed to Nicki Swift. "... And like I tell you, it's amazing. You're like a psychologist and an artist at the same time."

As a seasoned tattoo artist, Emanuel's artwork is always in demand. But what if you're yet to go under the needle, and aren't sure which tattoo to commit to? Nicki Swift caught up with "Black Ink Crew New York" star Ceaser Emanuel to find out his advice for getting your first tattoo.

Ceaser Emanuel suggests 'start[ing] off small'

"Black Ink Crew New York" star Ceaser Emanuel has had an impressive career to date, and the tattoo artist has some important advice for anyone considering investing in their very first tattoo. "Start off small," he told Nicki Swift. "Start off with a name or something. Test it out. Little 10 minute tattoo. And then from there, you might catch that bug. Like, 'Ooh, I need more.' Or you might say, 'Nah, this is just way too much pain for me.' But like I tell people, you don't knock it till you try it."

While the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed his business, Emanuel isn't slowing down anytime soon. "I try to keep busy, idle time is the devil's playground," he explained. "So I like to stay busy, busy, busy, busy until I have to sleep, get up and be busy again."

You can catch all of the drama on "Black Ink Crew New York" Season 9 on Monday nights on VH1.