Jana Kramer Opens Up About Her Co-Parenting With Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer's divorce from Mike Caussin made headlines in April 2021. The singer has been candid about her relationship struggles on her Instagram page, sharing plenty of real posts, including one on April 21. The post featured text on a light-colored background and announced her divorce from Caussin after nearly six years of marriage. 

Kramer shared that she still "whole-heartedly" believes in marriage, while noting that she was simply done fighting. Caussin had reportedly been unfaithful in their marriage, per People. "He cheated and broke her trust again," an insider told the outlet. "After fighting for the marriage for so long, she's come to terms with the realization that his patterns were never going to change."

Kramer seemingly has an incredibly close bond with her children, and her Instagram page is flooded with photos of them together. In early May, Kramer shared a sweet photo of herself and her two kids, Jolie and Jace, with a touching caption. "Sunshine is good for everyone. I gotta be honest 2 weeks ago the sun was the last thing I wanted to see ... but through grieving, you start to see the light ... even if it's a dim light it's still something I'm gonna be grateful for," she wrote on Instagram. "But I'll forever be grateful for these 2 and the forever light they add to my life." 

Keep reading to find out what Kramer says is the most challenging part of co-parenting with ex Mike Caussin.

Jana Kramer talks candidly about co-parenting

Co-parenting is no easy task — even when you're a celebrity. Just two weeks after filing for divorce from husband Mike Caussin, the harsh reality of Jana Kramer's new setup has been sinking in. Kramer discussed the tricky topic of divorce in an episode of her podcast "Whine Down," opening up about the split for the first time on the show. 

She admitted that the divorce was a tough pill to swallow, and she tried to make it work for the sake of her children, Jolie and Jace. "I didn't want to break up my family. My whole thing was, like, I didn't want this for the kids," she said. Additionally, Kramer revealed that co-parenting would be incredibly tough on her, especially when her two kids go for their first overnight at their dad's house.

"I'm gonna be destroyed. That's not what I wanted. That's not what I worked for. That's not what I fought for," she shared. "And it's not f**king fair. And that makes me so angry. I worked too damn hard for it to end this way." Kramer also shared that she had several conversations with her therapist leading up to the split and her therapist told her that Caussin was "taking [her] light away." 

Following the news of the divorce, it was reported that "[t]wo days after the pair called it quits, a temporary restraining order was issued by Tennessee court," per Us Weekly. According to the outlet, it doesn't allow the pair to talk about one another in a "disparaging" way in front of their kids.