What We Know About Bill Gates' 97-Year-Old Lawyer

When spouses come to the realization that being together is no longer the best option and instead decide to get a divorce, it's rarely a quick or easy process. That can be especially true when the former couple has been married for a long time, have various interwoven business interests, or have a significant amount of assets like money, cars, shared property, or other valuables. Not having a prenup can also make the legal situation somewhat sticky, which is apparently the case with Bill and Melinda Gates.

That's right, the high-profile couple who announced their divorce in May 2021 — and shared a staggering amount of money — didn't sign a prenup when they tied the knot, though they did sign a separation agreement that could help them navigate the end of their marriage a little easier.

Of course, both Bill and Melinda will also have legal representation to help them through what can be both an emotional and complicated process. That's why Bill has brought on a notable lawyer. Granted, he's hired a 97-year-old legal professional whose specialty is not divorce, but he's a notable lawyer nonetheless. Here's the situation.

Bill Gates' lawyer Charlie T. Munger 'lost all of his money' in a divorce

When you go into any legal proceedings, including a divorce, you want to have the best person for the job representing you. When it comes to Bill Gates' legal split from his soon-to-be former wife Melinda Gates, he apparently thinks that the best person to represent him is his "billionaire lawyer friend" Charlie T. Munger, per the Daily Mail. That's despite the fact that Charlie is 97 years old and isn't a family law lawyer but instead has specialized in business, real estate, and philanthropic legal matters. Beyond that, the Mail points out that Charlie has also been through his own divorce, "and lost all of his money in the process" (even though he's now "remarried and rebuilt his wealth").

Although Charlie has some arguably questionable qualifications when it comes to divorce matters, Bill seems to trust his friend. Indeed, the two became buddies while Bill was serving on the board of Warren Buffett's holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, where Munger continues to be vice-chairman. Over the years, the pair has gotten to know each other relatively well, with Bill telling Farman Street that Charlie is the "broadest thinker I have ever met." Hopefully for Bill, that means that his lawyer has a few good ideas ready when it comes to how to handle the Gates' divorce.