Ben Affleck Celebrates Jennifer Garner On Mother's Day With Throwback Photos

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may be divorced, but when it comes to co-parenting, the two seem to be on the same page. 

Affleck and Garner were first linked nearly 20 years ago after filming "Pearl Harbor" and "Daredevil" together, and by 2004, the two were undeniably an item, via Insider. The couple was engaged by 2005, and just a couple of months later, they married in an ultra-private ceremony. 

By the end of 2005, the newly-married couple was celebrating another big milestone: they welcomed their first daughter, Violet. In 2009, their second daughter, Seraphina, was born, followed by a son, Samuel, in 2012. 

While things seemed like smooth sailing for the couple, they ultimately announced their divorce in 2015 via a statement to People. The news shocked fans of the longtime couple, though it seemed that a reconciliation was possible in 2017, when People reported that Garner had called off the divorce. This period did not last, however, and the beloved couple ultimately finalized their divorce in 2018.

Despite their separation and any relationship drama that has popped up over the years, Garner and Affleck have both made it clear that they have their kids' best interest at heart. Now, in honor of Mother's Day, Affleck has shared a sweet photoset that celebrates Garner and their three children — keep reading to see what he said.

Ben Affleck thanked Jennifer Garner in a Mother's Day tribute

Despite their divorce, Ben Affleck has made it clear that he has nothing but love for the mother of his children, Jennifer Garner.

On May 9, Affleck shared a photoset on his Instagram that shows some throwback photos of Garner and their family. "So happy to share these kids with you. Luckiest parents in the world. Thanks for all the good you do," he captioned the post. "Happy Mother's Day. Love, their dad."

In the first photo, a young Garner smiles as she poses with one of the couple's newborn children. Affleck included pictures where Garner is smiling and holding each of their kids, and in one picture, their two daughters surround their mother as she holds the couple's third child, Samuel. There is also a picture of the entire family, including Affleck, dressed up as "Wizard of Oz" characters for Halloween. And, at the end of the set, Affleck included a video in which Garner adorably says that she will likely make it home for bedtime. 

Naturally, fans were thrilled by the post, with many pointing out that Affleck and Garner seem to have mastered the art of co-parenting. "This is really sweet and a great example of coparenting," one user wrote in a comment that has hundreds of likes. "Good for you both!"