How Alex Rodriguez Supposedly Feels About Jennifer Lopez's Reunion With Ben Affleck

Nearly halfway into 2021, it seems that we've taken a trip back in time to 2002, when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (aka "Bennifer") were one of Hollywood's hottest couples. Ever since the newly single Lopez was reported to have been "hanging out" with Affleck at her home in Los Angeles, fans have wondered whether the supposedly platonic hangouts could signal the start of something more. Well, in the latest development of the "Bennifer" saga, TMZ reported that the duo jetted off to a resort in Big Sky, Montana, on May 8, where they were spotted "driving around together."

Though Lopez is known to cultivate friendly relationships with her exes, such as with former husband Marc Anthony, this latest outing seems suspicious. For one thing, "it's rare that only J.Lo and one of her exes ever hung out without kids in tow," and the pair were allegedly on their own in Montana, according to TMZ. Furthermore, the outlet noted that "a source ... who spotted them [told] TMZ they seemed very much like a couple." 

As of this writing, the two are keeping quiet on the subject, and with high-profile relationships barely in the rearview mirror behind them, it certainly makes sense. Still, where there's smoke, there's fire! At the very least, Lopez seems eager to distance herself from any drama with ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez, who's not exactly thrilled about the rekindling of "Bennifer." How does he really feel?

Alex Rodriguez is 'upset' over Bennifer

It seemed that 2021 signaled trouble for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez right away. The "Hustlers" actress and retired athlete called off their engagement in April 2021, only to reunite briefly and break up again. At that point, the rumor mill ran overtime and speculated Rodriguez had been unfaithful with "Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy. While this was never confirmed, it did contribute to the demise of his relationship with Lopez, according to Elle. As one source explained, "whether or not he has cheated doesn't matter. She won't tolerate the fear of it in the air between them." RIP, J-Rod.

Despite the pair's split, Rodriguez reportedly believed they would be able to work through their differences and eventually reunite for good, per E! News. "A-Rod is shocked that J.Lo has moved on," an insider told the outlet on May 10, adding that the pain is especially fresh given they parted ways so recently. "He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him." In response to her terse attitude, he reached out "to let her know he's upset." However, the source clarified that "she's [Lopez's] not interested in rekindling anything with A-Rod and is done." Could it be she's moving on so quickly because of her feelings for Ben Affleck? First loves are often very strong emotional connections, after all.