Matt Damon Reveals His True Feelings About Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck

Actor Matt Damon is currently living in Australia while filming "Thor: Love and Thunder." Despite being halfway around the world, he couldn't avoid being asked about his decades-long best friend Ben Affleck during an interview with "Today" on May 11. Damon tried to dodge questions about Affleck's rumored renewed romance with ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, but he wasn't entirely successful.

Damon joined "Today" via satellite to discuss his upcoming film "Stillwater." Damon's interview started with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush, and he got a chuckle out of Bush's clumsy segue to try to talk about Affleck.

Many of Damon's fans know that he and Affleck have been friends since they were kids. People detailed that they attended the same Boston high school, although they graduated two years apart. The two friends hit the acting audition circuit together, and both ended up landing their first film roles with "School Ties." They worked together to write "Good Will Hunting" in 1996, and the film catapulted both of them into stardom.

As for Affleck and Lopez, Us Weekly noted the two were originally together romantically in 2002. They starred together in"Gigli," and they fell in love off screen. Affleck proposed to Lopez months later and "Bennifer" planned to tie the knot in September 2003. They ultimately canceled their wedding a few days before it was slated to take place and split for good in January 2004. Now that they're both single again, however, it seems they may be giving their romance another shot.

Matt Damon was pressed for scoop more than once, and he eventually relented

During the May 11 interview with "Today," Matt Damon jokingly wondered, "Where could we possibly be going with this?" when Jenna Bush first mentioned his best friend Ben Affleck. Damon briefly touted a new movie coming out later in 2021 that he co-wrote with Affleck and acknowledged the two men probably talk every day. However, he insisted, they haven't talked about Affleck's personal life, specifically regarding a renewed romance with Affleck's ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

Damon then joked about how Affleck had definitely aged since that first romance between the two, while Lopez magically hadn't. In a second short "Today" segment, Damon faced a fresh round of Bennifer questions with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie. All the hosts had to do was bring up Affleck and Lopez in order for Damon to respond, "There's not enough liquor in the world for you to get me to say something about that."

The "Stillwater" actor said that he first learned of the rumored Bennifer reunion by hearing what was being discussed on "Today" as he waited for his segment to go live. When directly asked what he thought about it, he quipped, "It's a fascinating story!"

"I hope it's true. I love them both, I hope it's true. That would be awesome," Damon added, in what would be the closest to anything juicy and exclusive the "Today" hosts would get out of Affleck's bestie.