How Much Is Christine Quinn Actually Worth?

"Selling Sunset" is one of the most popular shows on Netflix as it delivers on drama and breathtaking homes. The show follows a group of real life real-estate agents who work at The Oppenheim Group as they try to "sell the lux life to affluent buyers in L.A.," per Netflix's official website description. The show's name references Sunset Boulevard, where The Oppenheim Group is located, according to Cosmopolitan.

While the cast of "Selling Sunset" get business from affluent buyers, they're actually rich themselves. Per Cosmo, the ladies of The Oppenheim group — Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause, and Christine Quinn — all earn six-figure commissions for the houses they sell. It's no wonder that they like to spend their riches on designer clothes and cosmetic enhancements like Botox.

But just how much is Christine, also known as the biggest personality and villain on the show, actually worth? Keep scrolling to find out how much she's worth to own all those designer outfits.

Christine Quinn's bank account wasn't always this large

As one of the featured realtors on "Selling Sunset," Christine Quinn has stunned viewers with her bombshell looks and talent for matching rich clients with their perfect property. She is also notorious for flaunting her designer clothes. As Fashionista points out, Christine has struggled with the practicality of doing normal things like sitting down or walking down the stairs in favor of being the most stylish woman on the show.

Christine's interest in fashion started at a young age when she would look at editorials in magazines while shopping in grocery stores with her mom. Owning fashionable pieces was something she longed for, but couldn't get because of her family's financial situation growing up. "My parents couldn't afford clothes for me, so I would always have my sister's clothes," Christine told Fashionista. "They were just so crappy."

Nowadays, though, Christine can afford any designer item that she wants. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she has a net worth of $1.5 million. A bulk of Christine's net worth comes from her commissions, but she also likely gets paid for magazine covers and sponsored content on her social media accounts.

With a baby on the way, Christine will no doubt be hoping to earn more commissions so she can upkeep her lavish lifestyle with her husband Christian Richard.