Princess Diana's Friend Speaks Out About Prince Harry

As we approach what would be the late Princess Diana's 60th birthday on July 1, it seems admirers of the woman many called "the People's Princess" have already begun to plan myriad ways to commemorate and honor the philanthropist and royal. Diana, who died unexpectedly on August 31, 1997 in a car accident in Paris after she and her then-boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, will be celebrated posthumously on the day with a statue that has long been in the works, and will be unveiled on the grounds of Kensington Palace — a project that was first announced in 2017, as Us Weekly noted. But in the months leading up to the ceremony, yet another memorialization is also set to take place, albeit one with less of a physical presence: the release of the book "Diana: The Voice of Change," a part-biography, part-self-help book written by her former vocal coach, Stewart Pierce.

In an exclusive with Us Weekly, Pierce took the time to speak with the magazine about the ways in which the former wife of Prince Charles imbued her legacy upon her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. And while Pierce noted that, when it comes to looks, William's "sapphire blue" and facial features are physically more reminiscent of the People's Princess, it's Harry who might actually resemble his mother most of all. Keep on scrolling to find out exactly what Pierce thinks Diana and Harry have the most in common, even more than twenty years after Diana's death.

Prince Harry has the same 'energy' as his mother, Princess Diana

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, vocal expert and author Stewart Pierce shared that, while Prince William might be a dead-ringer for his late mother when it comes to genetic aesthetics, it's Prince Harry who is more redolent of Princess Diana, at least when it comes to a shared joie de vivre. "Harry, in terms of his impetuosity [is Diana]," Pierce told the magazine, while also noting that the Duke of Sussex resembles his mother closely with regard to "his intuitive explosions of energy." He also cited the prince's "wonderful ebullience" and his "passionate" personality before adding "he's the guy" who "loves life" — just like Diana. 

Pierce then went on to remark upon how the trials and tribulations Diana faced while attempting to find her place within the Windsor family mirrors those of Harry's wife, Meghan Markle. "It's sort of within the royal family, it's assumed you will either grow through it, or, you know, [you'll sink]." Much like Diana, Pierce surmised, "[Meghan] was given very little advice, but being the smart woman that Meghan is, she really made a lot of inquiries." Unlike Meghan would later go on to do, however, Pierce stated that Diana before her assumed her then-husband, Prince Charles of Wales, "would [fully] assist her."