How Much Is Gemma Chan Worth?

Gemma Chan had a breakout year when she co-starred in "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Mary Queen of Scots" in 2018. Prior to her Hollywood stardom, Chan did a lot of television and stage work including roles in British sci-fi show "Doctor Who" and the satirical stage play "Yellow Face." Now, Chan is one of the biggest celebrities out there, with projects lined up into 2022, according to IMDB. But the actor that fans know today may not have existed until she made a vital decision.

Chan didn't always have plans to be an actor. The London-born child of Chinese immigrant parents, Chan was raised "as a good Asian daughter," she told the Los Angeles Times, and went to Oxford University to study law at her parents' encouragement. "I was probably going to make a pretty miserable lawyer," Chan said. "So I then auditioned for drama school in secret and only told my mom and dad when I got it, and it went down about as well as you would expect." What were Chan's parents' thoughts about her starting an acting career — and why did they feel that way? Turns out, it has to do, at least partially, with money.

Gemma Chan's risk literally paid off

Gemma Chan's parents were worried for her future in entertainment knowing the racism in the entertainment industry and how payment isn't guaranteed. "[My] dad said to me, 'It doesn't matter how good you are or how talented you are — how many faces do you see on the screen that look like ours? You won't get enough work,'" Chan told the Los Angeles Times. "I said, 'Dad, I just want to be part of a change." And it clearly paid off — literally. Knowing the success Chan has already seen, how much is the actor's net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reported that Chan has an estimated net worth of $6 million. This number most likely comes from all of Chan's TV and film work that she's done over the years since 2006, according to IMDB. Still, this number feels quite low, given the fact that Chan has starred in two of the biggest blockbusters in recent years, "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Captain Marvel." But her net worth will only likely increase with the release of Marvel's "Eternals," which is sure to be a financial success and a hit with audiences.