Here's How Much Courteney Cox Is Really Worth

Since it was announced in 2020, fans of "Friends" have been eagerly awaiting for the reunion of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer in their upcoming HBO Max special. The TV special, known as, "Friends: The Reunion," per Deadline, is set to premiere on May 27. The cast will revisit the original soundstage, Stage 24, where the sitcom was filmed in Burbank, California, for the unscripted special.

"We are not in character," Schwimmer told Graham Norton about the special in April, adding, "We are all ourselves, although there is one section of it that I don't want to give away, but we all read something."

The reunion is significant because it's the first time the cast will appear on television together since the sitcom ended in 2004. Each member of the Central Park Six has gone on to pursue other projects with varying levels of success. Some struggled to make it big after "Friends," while others are still making bank, like Cox. Find out how much the "Cougar Town" actor is worth below.

Courteney Cox is the second richest cast member from 'Friends'

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Courteney Cox is worth $150 million with a bulk of her money coming from her "Friends" salary and syndication royalties. The only cast member with a higher net worth? Jennifer Aniston, who's worth $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Per Business Insider, Cox earned approximately $88 million during her 10 seasons on "Friends." In her first season, she was paid $22,500 per episode, but as the show caught on in popularity, Cox's salary kept increasing and she was paid $1 million per episode in the last two seasons. Additionally, Cox earns $20 million per year from syndication royalties, according to USA Today.

Although Cox's "Friends" salary may have seemed lucrative, she and her cast members had to fight for equal pay. "I was lucky I had the Richard Cunningham, Fonzie contract where no one could make more than me," Cox explained on "The Off Camera Show," in a resurfaced interview from 2017. "So, I didn't need to fight the battle because I had that, but it was so important that we got paid the same amount of money."

After "Friends" ended, Cox starred and executively produced in ABC's "Cougar Town" from 2009 until 2015, and starred in films such as the "Scream" trilogy, per IMDb. In 2019, Cox partnered up with Facebook Watch for a docuseries called, "9 Months With Courteney Cox."

It's safe to say that Cox has conquered film and television after she left her Monica Gellar days behind.