How Lisa Vanderpump Really Feels About The Erika Girardi Drama

There is no shortage of drama from the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," especially with Erika Girardi's ongoing legal woes and highly-publicized divorce. However, it looks like former castmember Lisa Vanderpump is stirring the pot after calling Erika's involvement in the scandal pretty "ironic."

"I've seen a lot of that. I've been tagged in a lot of those and clicked and read a lot of those news articles," Lisa said about staying up-to-date on Erika's case while speaking on the May 20 episode of the "Heather Dubrow's World" podcast. "Yeah, I mean, that's pretty devastating. Obviously, I have no personal relationship with her. She was never nice to me on that show. I mean ironically she called me the 'sniper from the side.' Yeah right, okay. I don't know. It's not something I really want to be involved in," she said. Keep scrolling to see what else Lisa had to say about her former costar's legal drama. 

Lisa Vanderpump wants the 'truth'

Although Lisa Vanderpump refrained from being an armchair detective while discussing Erika Girardi's ongoing legal issues, she did express her desire for justice to be served. "I do think it's a fascinating story and hopefully the truth does come out," she told Heather Dubrow on her podcast. However, with her experiences on reality TV, she preached the importance of keeping it real with no secrets unturned. 

"In 'Vanderpump Rules,' you know, I think it's pretty raw. It's not produced in a way, it really does follow their antics. And we had a cast [where] hardly anything was off-limit and I think that's what made Vanderpump so fascinating," she explained. Throwing some subtle shade at her aforementioned former costar, she said, "I think they understand that authenticity is key and I think the audience can always kinda smell a rat, so to speak."

Lisa's remarks come after Girardi was hit with a lawsuit alleging her divorce is a "sham" in order to embezzle money from the settlement funds following the 2018 Lion Air plane crash, per Page Six. According to the lawsuit, the couple allegedly used the funds to keep up with their "lavish" lifestyle and pay off their "mounting debts." There is no telling how this story will end, but it's clear Lisa wants to get to the bottom of the case.