This Is How Taylor Swift Influenced Olivia Rodrigo's Debut Album

Ever since the January 2021 release of her first single, "Drivers License," Olivia Rodrigo has been taking the pop music world by storm. The emotional ballad became an instant hit amongst teens and adults alike, and in the months since the song's release, Rodrigo has continued building an even bigger name for herself.

Since "Drivers License" dropped, Rodrigo has also released two other singles — "Deja Vu" and "Good 4 U" — both of which have reached immense success, as well. Of course, fans cannot help but find similarities between Rodrigo and Taylor Swift, of whom Rodrigo is admittedly a huge fan. Swift, like Rodrigo, was only a teenager when she reached immense fame and success for her music. Both women have a penchant for writing breakup songs, as well, so it only makes sense that people have compared the two artists.

Now, with Rodrigo set to drop her debut album, "Sour," fans have noticed a big Swift influence in the track list for the album. Keep reading to learn how Swift might be tied to a song on Rodrigo's upcoming release.

Taylor Swift has a writing credit on Olivia Rodrigo's new album

As more details emerge about Olivia Rodrigo's soon-to-be-released album, "Sour," fans noticed one big detail about a specific song on the album: Taylor Swift is listed for a writing credit!

While many fans got excited about the idea of a potential collaboration on the album, this unfortunately is not the case. According to Rolling Stone, Swift, along with her longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff, is listed on Rodrigo's album for the track "1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back." As it turns out, the credit is not for a collaboration, but rather for an interpolation of Swift's song, "New Year's Day." Of course, Rolling Stone also noted that the numbers in Rodrigo's track, 1 and 3, make the number 13 together, which is a common and symbolic number in the Swift music universe. 

Not only is Swift listed as a writer on Rodrigo's track, but she may have influenced another song on the album — "Deja Vu." Rodrigo opened up to Rolling Stone about the song, acknowledging that Swift's hit song "Cruel Summer" inspired the bridge to her own summer-themed anthem. 

So, there are definitely a couple of nods to Swift on Rodrigo's album, but as for a collaboration, it seems we will have to wait a bit longer for that.