The Scary Reason Young Bae Had Her Breast Implants Removed - Exclusive

Fans can expect a smörgåsbord of drama on Season 9 of VH1's "Black Ink Crew New York," and members of the cast have been dealing with some serious issues behind the scenes, too. In particular, Young Bae endured a terrifying health scare, which went undiagnosed for the longest time. And it wasn't until she decided to have her breast implants removed that the reality star and tattoo artist realized what had been happening to her.

"I had no idea until then what a breast implant illness was," Young Bae told Nicki Swift. "Not knowing anything, I paid for the surgery to take them out. And then I'm waiting for my surgery date. Watching YouTube ... And then all of a sudden, breast implant illness popped out on my timeline on YouTube. I'm like, what's that? And I clicked." When she clicked, everything else clicked, too. "Oh my God," she recalled. "Everything started making sense."

Nicki Swift sat down with the "Black Ink Crew New York" star to learn all about Season 9 of VH1's hit reality show, and to find out the scary reason that Young Bae had her breast implants removed.

Young Bae's symptoms forced her to act

"Black Ink Crew New York" star Young Bae is a talented tattoo artist, a mother to her son Nico, and the founder of athleisure brand, 2one2 Apparel. But the reality star found her livelihood threatened when she got progressively sicker. "I had my breasts done about 10 years ago, and I started getting sick five years ago," Young Bae told Nicki Swift. "And I had no idea, because every time I go to the doctor, they'd be like, 'What are you talking about? You're healthy. Everything's coming out normal.' But I literally had like 20 symptoms."  

"It started from little brain fogs ... I'm throwing up every day and I feel dizzy every day," Young Bae continued. "[I] ended up feeling like I was dying, literally every day. ... I really don't want to say that, but that's the truth. I felt like I was dying for about three years now. ... But then corona happened and we did quarantine. So I'm listening to my body a little more now, because I'm not working all the time and whatever." 

Eventually, a major sign forced Young Bae to make a decision. "So I'm laying down one day. I have this shooting pain coming from the back to my nipple area," she recalled. "I've been feeling sick for five years. ... And then after that I started getting rashes on this area. So I'm like, you know what ... I'm just going to take my implants out."

Young Bae felt better almost immediately

"Black Ink Crew New York" star Young Bae's decision to remove her breast implants paid off almost immediately. "When I took them out — brand new. I got my life back," she told Nicki Swift. "All my symptoms went away right away. I had about 20 symptoms, and it went away instantly except for one: brain fog. But that's getting better little by little. ... If you asked me what I had for breakfast now, I can remember."

After her experience, speaking out about the health condition is important for Young Bae. "It was so crazy that a lot of women go through this in real life, and there's no doctor, or nobody's telling you there's this thing called breast implant illness..." she explained. "It was a little embarrassing to talk about it, but then I just had to."

You can catch all of the drama on "Black Ink Crew New York" Season 9 on Monday nights on VH1.