sMothered: Who Are Lisa And Lauren?

TLC's "sMothered" returns for Season 3 on May 31, and this season promises to be even wilder than the last. We're used to lookalike duo Dawn and Cher and will also meet Rykia and Karla, who give each other bikini waxes. Viewers will also see a mother and daughter share underwear. Totally normal, right?

According to the series' press release, this season will raise plenty of eyebrows. "These outrageous moments add to the shocking relationships that we couldn't peel our eyes away from past seasons," the press release states. Cher and Dawn get a breastmilk facial together (as seen in the trailer), so we can only imagine what else the cameras will capture this season. We will also witness their "unique rituals" and "unbreakable bonds," and we can't think of a ritual more bizarre than Sunhe and her daughter Angelica sharing bathwater in Season 1, per the New York Post.

We'll meet a few new pairs this season, but new duo Lisa and Lauren might shock us all. Keep reading for more details.

Lisa and Lauren are pushing boundaries on 'sMothered'

Just when we thought we've seen it all on "sMothered," we're introduced to mother Lisa and her daughter Lauren. In the trailer, Lisa says, "I was put on this earth for her, and she was put on this earth for me." Lisa and Lauren also FaceTime when they take baths, according to the New York Post.

These two show how close they really are when Lisa artificially inseminates her daughter on TV. "I gave her life, so now I get to put it inside of her," Lisa says in the trailer. We're then introduced to Lauren's wife, Laura Leigh (via Starcasm), who doesn't seem to approve of Lauren and her mom getting up close and personal. When Lauren says, "I laid on the bed and Mom inseminated me," Laura Leigh replies, "That's freakin' weird! I feel like a third wheel in our marriage."

"I married into a polygamist relationship," Laura Leigh says in the trailer. "I'm married to you and your mother." It seems like Laura Leigh wants to be very, very far away from Lauren's mother, and we can't exactly blame her.