How Much Is Monica Vaswani From Family Karma Worth?

"Family Karma" follows the relationships of a close-knit group of Indian families in Miami. Many of the adults on the Bravo reality show still live at home, as the series gives insight into the relationships between the young professionals and their parents.

One of the stars of the show is the charming Monica Vaswani, who is very close with her father, Raj Vaswani. Monica is one of the few people in her community whose parents are no longer together. "My parents were one of the first couples within our Indian community to get a divorce and it took a really large toll on me growing up," she told Brown Girl Magazine in April 2020.

As mentioned in a throwback Instagram post, Monica competed in the Miss India Worldwide pageant in 2012. Raj has supported her non-traditional pursuits throughout her adult life. "My dad more recently has encouraged me to follow my creative passions professionally, which is the complete opposite of what most Indian parents advise when it comes to a career," she told The Daily Dish in a June 2020 joint interview with her dad.

Raj mentioned that he wanted his daughter "to be true to herself." The advice paid off and Monica's success has left her poised to give back to her father. "As a kid you're always being taken care of, but now I have the ability to spoil him once in a while!" she told The Daily Dish.

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Monica Vaswani does not live lavishly

Originally, there was trepidation within the community of Indian families to join "Family Karma," but Monica Vaswani was one person who seized the opportunity to showcase her family life. "I think that we are really blessed in the sense that we have really supportive parents and this opportunity was once in a lifetime," she told BollySpice in March 2020.

Being a TV star was something that took time for Monica to adjust to. She told BollySpice about an awkward fan interaction at a mall when she caught two people looking at her. "We were playing this stare-off game just trying to recognize each other," she recalled. Monica is different from many other reality TV stars who flaunt wealth and live lavish lifestyles. "I don't have a mansion or fancy cars, I'm a regular girl who works a full-time job and strives to achieve her goals with my side hustles," she told Brown Girl. "The dream is to work hard and take care of my family." 

Despite starring on a hit Bravo show, Monica kept her job working as a software specialist. According to her LinkedIn page, she has had multiple roles at Ultimate Software since 2015 including account manager and HR specialist. Over the years of working as a data specialist, and after a couple of seasons on "Family Karma," Monica accrued a modest net worth of around $100,000, per Stars Offline. With Monica's work ethic, though, it's safe to say that number will continue to grow.