Billie Eilish's New Music Video Has Fans Talking. Here's Why.

When Billie Eilish talks, we listen. And when she drops new music, we can't get enough of it. Fans have been talking about Eilish non-stop for the past few months, ever since she announced a new album, debuted a new look, and graced the cover of Vogue in a vintage bustier.

On June 2, Eilish released the music video for "Lost Cause," the fourth single from her upcoming album, "Happier than Ever." The video, which she directed, depicts a blond Eilish dancing around in a variety of loungewear with a hoard of other women at what looks like a pretty fun slumber party. Throughout the video, the women are piled next to each other as they graze their hands up and down their own bodies and play games. There's a moment where Eilish leans over and playfully pecks one of the women on the lips.

Predictably, fans went wild for the content. There were the usual mentions of Eilish's ever-changing look, and of course, the comments on the music, but thats not what got fans talking. Read on to find out why people are going crazy over Eilish's new video.

Fans think Billie Eilish's music video 'said gay rights'

According to longtime fans of Billie Eilish, it's no coincidence that the star's new video dropped on the second day of pride month. "billie's new video was her gift to the gays for pride month," tweeted a fan.

"there's something about Billie Eilish in lost cause dancing around with a bunch of other beautiful women that makes my gay heart happy," wrote another. In case you haven't caught on, fans are pretty sure that Eilish's "Lost Cause" video is nothing short of a gay anthem. "billie releasing a mv looking fire af and getting up, close and personal with some beautiful women at the beginning of pride month has done more for the lgbtq community than anyone else ever before," shared a third fan. "everyone say thank u billie."

The fans were purely responding to the vibes of the video, not the song, which could best be described as a generic break-up song about no gender in particular. "You ain't nothing but a lost cause / And this ain't nothing like it once was," sings Eilish.

Regardless of the genderless lyrics, fans weren't deterred from positing their theory — due to the music video. "Billie Eilish lost cause mv said gay rights," wrote one.

The song is a bop, and we highly recommend a listen.