The True Meaning Behind 'Maybach' By 42 Dugg Featuring Future

42 Dugg's new song, "Maybach," has the internet buzzing ... and it's perhaps all because of Future. Released in late May, the track has recently debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 chart at No. 68, while its music video has earned 8 million views on YouTube. According to fans of 42 Dugg and Future, "Maybach" is already a summer anthem.

"42 Dugg and Future d**n near made the song of the summer," an excited fan said on Twitter. "42 Dugg and future did what they had to do on Maybach," another one wrote. "That 42 Dugg song with future hard af tho I can't even cap," a third fan wrote. But despite its catchiness, the song has people talking due to one particular line in the song.

On "Maybach," 42 Dugg raps about how far he's made it so far, while Future brags about cars, and women ... while dissing one of his ex-girlfriends. In his verse, Future claims that one particular ex still has feelings for him, and even goes on to call out her father and new boyfriend. Read on to see the lyrics.

Future claims 'he doesn't want' Lori Harvey

Apparently, Lori Harvey lives on Future's head rent-free, as his recent "Maybach" verse includes a diss towards her. In his verse, Future claims he's the one who left the relationship, hinting that Harvey may still want to make it work: "Magic City, I'm the owner / Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her." If that wasn't savage enough, other versions of the song leaked online, with Future throwing even more shade towards Harvey, as well as her current boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. "Must have forgotten to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave," Future says about his ex-lover. "She didn't have a choice but to go f*** a lame after me."

As is expected, fans took to social media to react to all the drama, with many calling out of Future for acting like a bitter ex. So far, Harvey refused to respond to Future's provocations — something people have been praising her for. "Lori Harvey is trending for ignoring Future," one fan joked on Twitter.

However, it seems like 42 Dugg loved the Harvey reference, and seems to love all the attention his song has gotten."It's going down," Dugg told The Breakfast Club about "Maybach" going viral. "I told his a** 'You needa say that s*** three more times.'" he continued. "I was loving it. ... Future knew too though. He knew what was going on. Future a bad motherf*****."