Why Jennifer Aniston Just Made Fun Of Her Fashion Choice For The Friends Reunion

It's safe to say that during the height of the craze over the much-beloved NBC sitcom "Friends," core cast member Jennifer Aniston was considered the show's touchstone for fashion. Aniston became almost interchangeable with her character, Rachel Green — meaning that, ultimately, so too did her sartorial stylings, like the infamous '90s bob now known as "the Rachel." But despite Aniston's cemented status as a '90s style icon, even she can admit that some of her wardrobe choices were misses. And the most recent example of this coincided with none other than the highly anticipated six-part "Friends" reunion, which made its debut on the streaming platform HBO Max in late May.

As People reported on June 4, Aniston took to social media to share her opinion on at least one look she wore for the "Friends" television event — one that was meant to serve as a throwback to one of her character's most well-known fashion choices throughout the sitcom's 10-season run. 

So, what was the look in question? And what did Aniston have to say about it? Keep on reading after the jump to find out more. 

Jennifer Aniston joked about one iconic 'look' from her 'Friends' days

Per People magazine, Jennifer Aniston recently took to her Instagram Stories to poke fun at one of the looks most closely associated with both Aniston and her "Friends" character, Rachel: the sleeveless turtleneck, an item which for many truly encapsulates the couture (and for others, couture-related missteps) of the "Friends" era. Most notably, Aniston herself did it in a roundabout way: through the lens of a cartoon published by The New Yorker.

As People summarized, Aniston's post was a multi-slider, with the first featuring a cartoon published by the famously high-minded culture magazine. The cartoon itself depicted a woman scrutinizing a lone sleeveless turtleneck hanging in her closet while holding a knife, alongside the caption, "What time of year are you for!" The second slide of Aniston's 'gram contained a caption of her own: a single "shrug" emoji and a collage of Aniston's Rachel sporting the same style of turtleneck at various points throughout the 10 seasons "Friends" aired on NBC. 

No matter what your opinion on sleeveless turtlenecks might be, it's safe to say that when it comes to Aniston versus The New Yorker cartoon, the score is "Rachel: 1; New Yorker: 0."