What Tayshia Adams And Zac Clark's Relationship Is Like Today

Just like so many other Bachelor Nation couples before them, Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark found love on ABC's "The Bachelorette" in 2020. The couple's love story began after Clare Crawley decided to leave the show prematurely after finding her match in Dale Moss, which resulted in Tayshia taking over at the show's lead. From there, the connection between Tayshia and Zac was instant and she knew that her "wild, wild love" with him was the real deal.

After the show ended, Tayshia told "Good Morning America": "It was a whirlwind, this entire journey has been — I can't even talk I'm so excited. It was really beautiful to watch back, I feel like you can really see how much love we have and how authentic and genuine we were." Zac added, "All the reasons I fell in love with her on the show remain true today and in our daily life so it was a special night for sure, last night, to watch it all back."

These days, the couple lives in New York together. However, in recent months they've been at the center of some breakup rumors. Keep scrolling to find out where Tayshia and Zac's relationship stands today, including whether they're still together and when they plan to tie the knot.

The 'Bachelorette' couple is in no rush to get married

Six months after finding love and getting engaged on "The Bachelorette," Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark still appear to be going strong. However, the couple has had to deal with some breakup rumors in 2021 after the reality TV star was spotted without her engagement ring in March. Also, eagle-eyed social media users have noticed the pair don't share as many photos together via Instagram and rarely comment on each other's posts.

This begs the question: Did they break up? According to Tayshia, there's a perfectly good explanation as to why she wasn't wearing her ring. Per People, she told her Instagram followers that she went to get her ring resized, and that "everything is good on this forefront. Thank you so much for being concerned, but we're good. We're chillin'."

In May, Tayshia also told Cosmopolitan that she and her fiance are "doing great" and "doing well." However, fans shouldn't expect them to walk down the aisle any time soon. "I'm really just trying to enjoy New York. And I think that's where our energy is just because, I don't know, we just want to enjoy each other," she explained. "Really, that's what it is. Engagements are supposed to be fun as well, so we're just making the most of it."