This Is How Guy Fieri Treats Fans At The Grocery Store

You may have heard that Guy Fieri has a touching relationship with fellow celebrity chef Rachael Ray. You might have also heard that a feud existed between Fieri and the late Anthony Bourdain. Beyond that, Fieri happens to be one of the most popular (and therefore highest-paid) stars on Food Network while also being the butt of more jokes, jabs, and memes than we could imagine. That might make you wonder what he's really like.

Well, as BuzzFeed News writer Scaachi Koul asked, "you know who hasn't milkshake-ducked yet, against all odds, despite the public's constant determination to find someone to scream at online?" Shen then answered her own question, telling readers that she's referring to a "Hot Wheels car come to life, specifically the one [her] brother never let [her] play with because it had flames on it, which meant it was the fastest. The Mayor of Flavortown: Guy Fieri."

Does this mean that Fieri is a genuinely decent person? Is he just as friendly as he appears to be on screen while visiting various diners, drive-ins, and dives? Is he just as approachable as he seems to be while hosting competitors in food aisles? On top of that, how would he react if you went up to him in public and just started chatting? Well, the star himself has revealed what goes down when he meets fans at one of the places that you might expect to run into him: the grocery store.

Does Guy Fieri disguise himself while grocery shopping?

Guy Fieri's job revolves around food. It makes total sense that he told the Food Network that "Going to the grocery store is one of my favorite things to do." The star explained, "I love to look at food, I love to look at new foods. I love to look at fresh foods. The more fresh foods, the better." He added that he especially loves to visit grocery stores that have "a lot of organics, unique ethnic foods," and "real nice big produce sections."

However, along with having an abundance of food, grocery stores also tend to be filled with shoppers. Many of those shoppers would also likely be eager to get Fieri's autograph, request a photo, and ask for appetizing advice. For some celebrities, that might not be what they want to deal with when they simply head to the store for milk and eggs. In fact, they might even wear a hat and sunglasses to avoid being recognized. As for Fieri, it turns out that he doesn't mind the attention.

"Where will you find bees? At a beehive. Where will you find Food Network fans? At the grocery store," he pointed out. "So, I don't really wear any disguise. I just account for an extra 45 minutes when I go to the store, because I answer more questions and talk about more recipes, but I also love it." We're sure fans love it, too!