Joe Jonas Revealed What Really Happened With The Jonas Brothers Breakup

It's been eight years since the Jonas Brothers officially called it quits in 2013. Though they reunited again in 2019 to the delight of JoBro diehards worldwide, the initial split was a bit of a shock — one that came after nearly a decade of making music together — not only to their followers, but also to some members of the band itself. Now, it seems that fans of the trio's sibling act have an insight into the room where it happened, thanks to an excerpt from the trio's upcoming memoir Joe published on Instagram.

As BuzzFeed reported, the 31-year-old middle brother, Joe Jonas, posted select pages of his debut nonfiction work, "Blood," which he co-wrote with Kevin Jonas, 33, and the youngest one in the group, 28-year-old Nick Jonas. The book, which has been highly anticipated by fans and followers alike, is set to be published in November 2021 after a lengthy postponement. (The first delay was announced in July 2020, per Billboard.) 

Considering the passage Joe chose to publicize the JoBros' tell-all, it seems that readers won't be disappointed. The reason? It contains details about the very moment the Jonas Brothers officially parted ways. Read on below to find out more.

Joe Jonas called the Jonas Brothers' breakup a 'tsunami'

As BuzzFeed summarized, the account of the Jonas Brothers' breakup, written from Joe's perspective, corroborated earlier reports that his younger brother Nick had been the one to instigate the band's split. According to the passage Joe uploaded to his Instagram page, the moment Nick announced that he wanted to pursue his own creative endeavors was not only unexpected but also a bona fide "tsunami" for them all. "I walked into that meeting like a tourist going to the beach," recounted Joe. "I kicked back on the couch and said, 'What's going on?' and put my feet up. I didn't see the tsunami coming."

In his own words, Joe then recalled, word-for-word, how Nick delivered the news. "'My heart is no longer in this.' It was like something our dad would say," Jonas mused. "Very pastor-like. Something an old-fashioned gentleman might say to his partner when getting divorced. It felt formal, serious...and permanent." 

After Joe shared his response to Nick's statement in the posted excerpt, he went on to describe Kevin's reaction, which included the compromise of a possible breakup tour — a revamp of the actual tour they were scheduled to embark on at the time. While neither iteration of a tour ultimately materialized, the band's 2019 reunion seems to indicate that there's no longer any bad "blood" between them.