Why Fans Think Billie Eilish Just Came Out

Billie Eilish fans are confused, and for very good reason. On June 10, the singer posted a slideshow of stills from her "Lost Cause" music video with the caption "i love girls." The pics, which are again, from her new video, are of Eilish partying with a bunch of her friends, sticking their tongues out, having a dance party in a kitchen in their PJs, and piled onto a bed together. Some of the first comments under the image were from fans wondering whether this was her subtle way of coming out. One person noted that it was Pride Month, and another wrote, "Y'all reading what I'm reading," suggesting that if you read between the lines, along with the images, it could definitely seem like Eilish was coming out as a lesbian or a bisexual. Eilish hasn't confirmed or denied any of the rumors as of writing.

A lot of people were excited about her supposed announcement, with one person summing up the overall sentiment with a tweet saying, "did billie eilish just come out omg." But other people were less impressed with the vague caption and images. Read on to find out why.

People think Billie Eilish has a pattern of queer baiting

On Twitter, some people are accusing Billie Eilish of queer baiting with her post saying that she "loves" girls. Queer baiting, per Pink News, is when a show, movie, or here, a singer hint at LGBTQ relationships between characters or in their content but never actually show same sex relationships or own their queerness. It's harmful to the LGBTQ community, because it attempts to draw in that audience without ever actually representing them. So, if it turns out that Eilish is in fact straight after her post, some fans will be unhappy with her choice of words and imagery. 

One person wrote, "If billie eilish isn't attracted to women shes straight up queer baiting at this point." Another added, "Is billie Eilish gonna come out, since she posted a pic saying I love girls , cuz if she says she straight she full on just queer baiting." One other person snarked, "Billie Eilish queer baiting during pride? Ground breaking." She was also accused of queer baiting in 2019 for her song "Wish You Were Gay," per Insider

Still others were defending the performer, noting that some may be seeing queer baiting when the music video and post was more about an appreciation of her besties, which is entirely possible. That's likely the case given that Eilish has always stated that she's straight in interviews, per Net Line. Still, there's layers to this controversy. 

Billie Eilish' sexuality has always been controversial

A lot of people assume that Billie Eilish is merely queer baiting with her latest music video, though it's possible that they are jumping to conclusions. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2019, she said that she is straight but not opposed to falling in love with anyone, sexuality and gender aside. She said, "I think girls are hot, you know, humans are hot, and if I ever fell in love with one, hell, I would not mind."

At the time of the "Lost Cause" video release, Eilish was also 19 years old and it's possible that she's still processing her sexuality and figuring herself out. Hey, it took Caitlyn Jenner half of her life to come out as transgender, so people might be expecting a little too much from Eilish when it comes to repping the LGBTQ community or not. Still, until Eilish confirms anything about her sexuality, people are bound to be torn about her latest post.