Are Ivanka Trump And Donald Trump, Jr. In Trouble?

While has only been nearly six months since former President Donald Trump made his exit from the Oval Office, the one-time real estate magnate was far from the only Trump to wave goodbye to the White House. Along with his wife, Melania Trump, the ex-commander-in-chief's children also bid adieu to their status as the children of a serving president. But while they might not be the scions of an active U.S. leader, it doesn't mean that they've also let go of the spotlight. And to some observers, what they do or don't do in the eye of the public could indicate what their future plans might be, whether it pertains to carrying out a bona fide familial political dynasty or not — especially in the case of Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr.

But per U.K. newspaper The Guardian, it seems that there could be evidence from the social media presence, IRL presence, or even lack thereof that something — even trouble — could be brewing for members of the Trump brood. So what could it be? Keep on scrolling to find out if these speculations hold water. 

Could Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump be worried about possible legal woes?

As The Guardian pointed out, the current behavior of siblings Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. could be signaling "trouble brewing" for the family. Don Jr.'s latest social media venture — selling Cameo videos for $500 a pop — could either be a sign that he loves all of the public attention, or that he needs the money. It looks like the latter could be the primary cause. Per The Hill, Don Jr. recently complained about the "millions" of dollars that have gone into legal fees due to the current criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. (The Guardian also posited that the recent sale of his house in the Hamptons could also be an effort to raise money in order to pay off expensive legal bills.)

Ivanka's withdrawal from public life could also feasibly mean something. (She hasn't tweeted or posted on Instagram in over a month.) In fact, it could be in preparation for criminal charges brought up against the Trump Organization. As Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, told The Lincoln Project (via Yahoo!) Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.'s former positions at the Trump Organization could make them a target of the law themselves — a possibility which could make Ivanka shy away from the spotlight.