What We Know About Bethenny Frankel's Newest Business Venture

Bethenny Frankel is going into the food business with her newest venture. The former "Real Housewives of New York" star turned her rags into riches on the reality show and became even more successful after she quit the show in August 2019. Per Entrepreneur, Frankel thought that her businesses would not take off because of her involvement with the Bravo show, but she became, as she said, "the first reality star to leverage the show as a platform to build a brand."

Frankel founded Skinnnygirl — a lifestyle brand that produces products for women on the go. Frankel's website says that Skinnygirl includes "food and drink, apparel, shapewear, supplements and cookware" as part of its portfolio. Frankel started her brand with books and then transitioned into other products like cocktails. The key to Frankel's success, she said, was to "remain highly flexible so you can move in the moment and make changes quickly," according to Entrepreneur.

Well, the lifestyle mogul has followed her own advice with her newest business venture. Find out what it is below.

Bethenny Frankel's newest venture is for foodies

Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl brand is not just about cocktails and wine, but food as well. The 50-year-old shared on Instagram on June 18 that she is launching Skinnygirl pizza with the aim of making the popular Italian dish healthier. "I LOVE a delicious thin and crispy pizza — which is why I'm so excited to be launching Skinnygirl Pizza worldwide!" Frankel wrote in an Instagram post, alongside photos of her eating her product. "We shouldn't have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthier. My gluten-free pizza has a cauliflower-based crust, savory sauce, and is topped with gourmet ingredients for a quick, better for you, tasty meal."

Frankel added that pizza lovers without any dietary restrictions will also "love these pizzas." This pizza launch comes after Frankel announced her new wine collection at the beginning of the month. The Daily Mail notes that the Skinnygirl brand continues to expand, having cookware, eyewear, and chocolates under its umbrella. 

With her new pizza launch, Frankel is even closer to the goal she's set with Skinnygirl. As she told Marie Claire in April, "The goal, like my brand Skinnygirl...[is that] people know the brand and they don't know me." She adds, "That's what I want, because you want that to live without you. You don't want to have to be there."