Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Her Diet Today

Like many of Hollywood's elite, Jennifer Aniston has maintained a strict diet and exercise routine throughout her career. The actor is known for being one of the most beautiful and fit women in the industry, and is it just us, or does it seem like she doesn't age? From her stint as Rachel on "Friends" to rocking a bikini next to Brooklyn Decker in "Just Go With It," Aniston has proven time and time again that she does not let age define her appearance or fitness goals.

Aniston has been on several diets, including an intermittent fasting kick. "I do intermittent fasting, so there's no food in the morning," she shared while doing press rounds for "The Morning Show" (via Insider). "I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours."

In 2020, Aniston's trainer, Leyon Azubuike, shared a few deets with Women's Health on the actor's workout routine. "We box, we jump rope, we do strength training, we do a lot of work with resistance bands — we're big on resistance bands," Azubuike said. "We rotate these things so it's always hard, she's consistently being challenged — I'm a big fan of switching things up, so the body reacts in a positive way and changes." Wow! 

Keep scrolling to find out what Aniston recently switched up in her diet. (Hint: We love her even more for it.)

Jennifer Aniston is no longer afraid of the bread basket

Jennifer Aniston is changing her tune on dieting. At 52 years old, the "Friends" star still looks like a 30-something. Yet, while diet and exercise are still important to the actor, she says that she's trying to be a little more lenient in what she's putting into her body. We're not going to lie; it's incredibly refreshing to hear someone in Hollywood who shares the same sentiments as us. "[I] started to give myself a break, allowing yourself to have pasta, a sandwich," she told People, noting that moderation is the key to success. "Everyone's very afraid of the bread basket, and I'm no longer afraid. As long as it's all done in moderation."

Aniston, who has notoriously followed a low-carb diet, said that her body seems grateful now that she has added carbs back into her diet. "There's something my body appreciates about [having carbs], like, 'Oh, thank you! Why are you depriving me of things I love?'" However, Aniston remains steadfast in her morning ritual. "I kind of naturally do intermittent fasting, just because I'm not a breakfast person," she told the outlet. "I just like a cup of coffee and my collagen."

Aniston is still strict in her exercise game, but a minor injury thwarted her wellness plan a bit. In October 2020, Aniston got a bulging disc, which she says was "really intense." Since then, she changed the way she works out, doing more gentle exercises. Working out is clearly working out for this timeless beauty!