Prince William Supposedly Inherited This Surprising Trait From Prince Charles

Prince Harry is back in the U.K. to honor his mother. Harry and Prince William will unveil a statue in honor of the late Princess Diana on July 1. As the brothers remember their mother, royal-watchers are reflecting on her contributions and influence on her sons. William shares physical traits with his mother, but there's one surprising trait the Duke of Cambridge reportedly shares with his father, Prince Charles.

Diana's friend and voice coach, Stewart Pearce, weighed in on William and Harry's similarities to their mother. Pearce, the author of "Diana: The Voice of Change", told US Weekly in May that Prince William's features look like his mother's, especially his light blue eyes. "But Harry, in terms of his impetuosity [is Diana]. Harry, in terms of his intuitive explosions of energy, [is the most like her]," Pearce told the magazine.

So, if Harry's personality is similar to his mother's, what about William? Some experts believe there's one thing William inherited from Charles — and it's not the best quality to have. Keep reading to learn about the surprising trait that William supposedly inherited from Prince Charles.

Prince William and Prince Charles have reputations for reportedly being hotheaded

In media reports, Prince William is often portrayed as calm, while Prince Harry is positioned as the wild-card brother. But according to information from royal historian Robert Lacey, William appears to have quite a temper, a trait he supposedly inherited from his father. (Prince Charles reportedly also had a fiery temper when he was younger.)

New excerpts from Lacey's book claimed that the Duke of Cambridge left his stepmother, Camilla, "horrified" after she witnessed William "rant and rave" at Prince Charles. Lacey's book "Battle of Brothers: William and Harry — The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult," makes some surprising claims about William's temper. According to Express, Lacey claimed that Camilla's accounts of fights between William and Charles were "earth-shattering," supposedly because of William's "shouting."

While the Prince of Wales came across as "meek" to his wife, royal biographer Howard Hodgson talked to Express in December about Charles's reported bad temper when he was younger. Hodgson told the British outlet that Charles took out his anger on those around him who "could not answer back." According to the Daily Mail, a former royal household staffer also claimed the Duke of Cambridge had a temper, saying that he "could fly off the handle at the slightest thing."