Where Elon Musk Is Living Now Might Surprise You

When it comes to the select group known as the billionaires of the world — a group known to carry a few eccentrics in its rank — Elon Musk famously takes the cake for being the crème de la crème of disruptive mavericks. Whether it's naming his child with Grimes a series of symbols and letters (with a few numbers thrown in for good measure), finding love over an obscure artificial intelligence joke, or lightly feuding with figures ranging from George Clooney to Jeff Bezos, it's safe to say that the tech magnate isn't known for adhering to the principles of conformity. Now, according to Forbes, his latest foray seems to be a complete repudiation of the billions he's already made.

As Forbes recapped in its coverage, Musk tweeted in May 2020 that he intended to sell "almost all physical possessions," which also included "[owning] no house." While at the time the tweet could have been chalked up to a mere flight of fancy (possibly after reading "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse, perchance?), it now appears Musk has, for all intents and purposes, followed through with this vow. Per Forbes, Musk has, at the time of this writing, sold at least six of the properties he previously owned. 

That being said, there's one thing Musk hasn't exactly made good on: owning at least one home. So where is Elon Musk living now? Read on to find out.

Elon Musk says he's living in an "awesome" transportable house

As Forbes reported in July, Elon Musk's current living arrangement is certainly unusual for the billionaire set; by the same token, it's befitting for the tech disruptor. Musk recently took to social media to describe his homestead, which, per Musk, is "literally a ~$50k house in Boca Chica/Starbase that I rent from SpaceX," adding that he thinks it's "awesome." Forbes clarified that Musk's tweet placed the home in the state of Texas, where Musk's SpaceX company manufactures "Starships," the name for SpaceX's originally designed spaceships and crafts. 

Designed by a startup called Boxabl, which creates houses in the shape of a box that can be transported from location to location by "folding" or "unfolding" them, Musk's tiny kingdom is 20-feet by 20-feet with an open-area layout. (According to the magazine, Musk's primary domicile resembles a "small studio apartment.") Assuming Musk has not significantly altered the interior of his living space, his residence came equipped already with considerable modcons, including a refrigerator, a fully-equipped bathroom area with a deep tub, a washer-dryer unit, air-conditioning, and more — basically everything including the kitchen sink. 

Though it is unclear as to whether his partner, Grimes — whose own home base is in Austin — visits Musk's pre-fab with their toddler, there's at least one Twitter shot of all three of them taken at Starbase this past March (via Forbes). Whatever floats their boat!