RHOP Alum Monique Samuels Reveals Sad Loss

Former reality star Monique Samuels' pet parrot, T'Challa, quickly became a rising phoenix and fan-favorite on "Real Housewives of Potomac." As reported by Bravo TV's The Daily Dish, the reality star initially got the bird as a way to reduce stress. "Now that I have three kids, I'm constantly being pulled left and right, and I'm trying to figure out how to balance myself," Monique explained during the premiere episode of Season 5. "I have always been an animal lover, and I said, 'I need to get a bird.' He's like a stress reliever for me," she continued.

Unfortunately, T'Challa also proved to be a point of contention in many episodes as the rest of the "RHOP" cast wasn't as comfortable around him. Lest we forget the infamous moment during Season 5 in an episode aptly titled, "Look Who's Squawking." While the ladies were enjoying a leisurely trip to Monique's lake house, newcomer and political commentator Wendy Osefo was caught off-guard when T'Challa took flight and headed straight for the newbie, sending her into hysterics. Later, during an interview with E! News, Wendy described the incident as an out-of body experience. "My soul jumped out of my body like, 'Oh my god! Jesus.' It was bad," Wendy recalled. 

Unfortunately, T'Challa is now making headlines for a very different reason. Keep reading after the jump to learn more about the tragedy that has struck the Samuels family.

Monique's pet parrot T'Challa was killed in a 'freak accident'

Former Real Housewife of Potomac, Monique Samuels, took to Instagram on July 6 to let all her followers know her beloved parrot T'Challa was killed in what she referred to as a "freak accident." "On July 1st around 5 pm my entire world was rocked," Monique penned in the shocking post. "I can't even believe I'm typing this right now. I barely can utter his name without crying." The former reality star also alluded to leaving the popular Bravo series and credited T'Challa for helping her get through some of the "toughest moments" of her life. "As I closed that chapter, I had no idea his page would end there too," she wrote. 

As Bravo stans may recall, nearly a year ago, Monique had a close call when T'Challa flew away and went missing temporarily. In the emotional post, Monique recalled the terrifying incident. "I had no idea God was preparing me in that moment for the unbearable," she confessed. Monique wrapped the post by attempting to make some sense of the terrible loss: "Some people say that an animal will sacrifice itself to save a family member if the death angel comes near. Who knows if it's true but I'm forever grateful for T'Challa and how he changed my life and my family's life."

Bravo king Andy Cohen also posted a tribute, tweeting, "#RIPtchalla a most iconic bird!!!" with a snapshot of the parrot on his shoulder. Our deepest condolences go out to Monique and the entire Samuels family.