The Truth About Wendy Osefo's Marriage

We're just days away from the Season 6 premiere of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" and judging by the trailer, it's going to be quite a whirlwind, especially for Wendy Osefo.

She isn't your average housewife — Wendy is a college professor, political analyst, and also has her doctorate and PhD, according to Bravo. She gives back to the community and is the founder and CEO of the 1954 Equity Project, "which provides tools, mentorship, and resources to underrepresented minorities to help them thrive in higher education." If that's not impressive enough, she also served on former president Barack Obama's team as Director of Family and Community Engagement for his DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative.

Wendy revealed to Entertainment Tonight in August 2020 that she had to "get up to speed" after she was cast. "I watched 'Potomac' once I was cast on the show!" she said. She also relies on her mom to fill in the gaps. "When I don't get things, my mom is always like, 'Well, let me tell you the backstory of how we got here,'" she added. "She's my Cliff's Notes."

Did you know Wendy is married to Eddie Osefo? Keep reading for more details about their marriage.

Wendy and Eddie Osefo don't have a picture-perfect marriage

Wendy Osefo revealed in a Season 5 episode of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" that she actually met her husband Eddie when they were both 17 in Baltimore (via ScreenRant). Things apparently got off to a rocky start because his mother supposedly did not like the fact that Wendy's mother was a "female chief." Eddie's mother reportedly didn't come to their wedding and it's not yet known if she has met her grandchildren.

The couple share two sons and a daughter and celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in August 2020. She wrote on Instagram at the time, "Thank you for being my umbrella through the storms and my ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Being your wife has been my greatest honor, but having the opportunity to experience your love has changed me forever."

Although things seem rosy, Eddie was rumored to be at the center of a cheating scandal that could put a serious damper on his marriage. "Eddie has a side baby and is sleeping with a white woman who works in his law firm," a source told All About the Tea on May 6. However, Eddie seemed to squash the rumors with his Mother's Day 2021 post on Instagram, calling Wendy "the mother of my ONLY 3 babies." He added, "The haters will always hate (misery loves company), but one thing is for certain, men lie, women lie, blogs lie, but numbers don't!" Wendy commented, "It's the 'ONLY' for me!" Clearly viewers have a lot to look forward to!