Southern Charm Fans Are Furious With Ashley Jacobs. Here's Why.

Ashley Jacobs may no longer be part of the "Southern Charm" cast, but that isn't stopping her from expressing her opinion about her former co-stars. In a July 12 comment under a fan account's post speaking about former "Southern Charm" stars Naomie Olindo and Metul Shah's breakup, Ashley wrote that she "can't stand" Naomie. Fans instantly defended Naomie, who departed the reality show in 2020 due to a strained relationship with Kathryn Dennis, per Us Weekly. "Wow. You are vile," one fan furiously wrote to Ashley. "Why are you still creeping on your old life?? Hope being a mom makes your more empathetic to other ppls pain!! Focus on your current life girl, stop creeping."

Naomie's representative confirmed to People on July 12 that Naomie and Metul split after about three years of dating. The news shocked many fans, considering Naomie moved to New York City with Metul just weeks prior. Naomie posted on her Instagram story on July 12 speaking about feeling betrayed (via In Touch), which seemed to confirm rumors that Metul cheated on her. Keep scrolling to learn what else fans had to say about Ashley's snarky comment about Naomie.

Fans think Ashley Jacobs needs to change her priorities

Fans minced no words when dragging Ashley Jacobs for her comment about disliking Naomie Olindo amid her breakup. "Girl bye. Aren't you about to have a baby? And you're still talking like this? You definitely haven't grown one bit since you lost your mind on the show," one fan commented underneath Ashley's words. At the time of the comment, Ashley was preparing to welcome her first child with husband Mike Appel, per People. "Southern Charm" fans on Reddit were equally displeased with Ashley's comment, with one telling her to focus on her pregnancy. Another slammed, "I see that becoming a mother hasn't softened her heart or made her learn what empathy is. She is trash. I wouldn't wish what Naomi is going through on my worst enemy."

If you watch "Southern Charm," you know that Naomie and Ashley did not get along. At one point in Season 6, Naomie was trying to avoid Ashley at all costs after Ashley called her a b***h in front of all her friends at a restaurant, per Bravo. Regardless of the past drama, though, it seems like fans think Ashley needs to move on and focus on herself.