Why Jessie James Decker Is Crying Over Her Weight

Jessie James Decker has always been very candid about her weight and for that, we totally respect her. As fans know, the singer has never shied away from sharing photos and videos of herself on Instagram that highlight her beautiful figure. In June, the singer shared a shot of herself sitting on the front of a boat in Positano, Italy. She sported a brown bikini with a thong cut that gave a cheeky view to her followers. "My a** was smaller before I got to Italy...Just sayin," she wrote, including several hashtags.

Decker is also a spokesperson for the South Beach Diet, and she has promoted their commercials and on her social media page. According to Business Wire, she even used the program to lose 25 pounds following the birth of her third child in 2018. Decker said that losing the baby weight was easier the third time because she was familiar with the program and knew what she was doing. "I never feel deprived on this program and I know I'm fueling my body with tons of good protein and veggies, which has always been key for me," she shared at the time. "Thanks to South Beach, I've lost 25 pounds, and I'm excited. I've regained my confidence and have the energy I need to maintain this crazy life of mine!"

We think Decker looks excellent in every way, shape, and form, but there are a few people who are now saying otherwise. Keep scrolling for more deets.

Jessie James Decker is not having the Instagram hate

Jessie James Decker shared a sad Instagram story that has us moved. The mother of three took to her page on July 14 to share a front-facing video where she broke down about her weight. The singer revealed that someone had sent her a thread from Reddit that makes fun of as much. Seriously? A visibly upset Decker explained that she couldn't believe how mean people are. "It's pretty awful, and I cannot believe this is still happening in the world — that people are doing this. Yes, I have gained weight, 100 percent. I used to obsess over it," she said (via Page Six). "I tried to stay a certain weight, and most recently, over the past year, I decided to just let myself live."

Decker also shared that she's gained weight since deciding to give herself the freedom to eat what she wants, but she still tries to work out and live an active and healthy lifestyle. She then slammed the haters, asking them how they could even do something so mean. "It is hurtful, and I am such a strong, confident person, and I always have been, but it does hurt my heart a little that people are ripping every little thing about me apart," she said. "It's me and it's bullying, and it's not OK. I hope my daughter doesn't grow up in a world where people do this to her because it's wrong." Preach, sister.