Hailey Bieber Breaks Her Silence On Justin's Behavior

Hailey and Justin Bieber are no strangers to turning heads, but his alleged recent behavior towards his wife is raising eyebrows.

The pair married in 2018 and followed up with a bigger ceremony in South Carolina in September 2019, per Insider. When it comes to life as a married couple, Justin hinted at how hot things get when it's just the two of them. He said during a concert in February 2020, according to E! News, ​​"When I'm with my wife, we like to ... You guys can guess what we do. It's gets pretty crazy ... that's pretty much all we do." While they like to "Netflix and chill," the couple admitted that marriage isn't without struggles, as Hailey told Vogue in February 2019, "The thing is, marriage is very hard." Despite the ups and downs that come with a high-profile marriage, she said, "There is no one else I would have ever wanted to spend my life with except him," per a February 2020 Elle interview.

Now Hailey has something to say about all the recent drama that hasn't Justin in the best light — keep reading for more details.

Hailey Bieber is coming to her husband's defense

Hailey Bieber responded to a clip that seemingly showed her husband Justin Bieber "yelling" at her, according to the Daily Mail. She's soaking up the sun in Venice, but took to her Instagram Stories on July 14 to say a few kind words about her man. "Reminiscing on how amazing last weekend was. Had the best time surrounded by so much love. Any other narrative floating around is beyond false. Don't feed into the negative bulls**t peeps," she wrote.

Her comments come after a video surfaced of Justin allegedly yelling at her after a performance on July 11, but fans claim that is not the truth and say Justin was "hyped" after he appeared with Diplo in Las Vegas. In this clip, he can be seen throwing his hands up in the air as he speaks to Hailey.

However, one onlooker insisted there was no fighting going on as they tweeted, ​​"He was not yelling and we were there to witness what went down. He was all adrenaline." Hailey hasn't directly mentioned the video by name, but it seems like she's over the critics.

Hailey and Justin Bieber went to marriage counseling

While cameras captured nothing but a hyped-up Justin Bieber in that video, both he and Hailey have been open about seeking therapy to work on themselves.

Justin detailed some of his communication issues with his wife in a February 2019 Vogue interview, revealing that they were in therapy together. Justin noted that "we don't want to lose each other ... we don't want to say the wrong thing, and so we've been struggling with not expressing our emotions, which has been driving me absolutely crazy because I just need to express myself, and it's been really difficult to get her to say what she feels," he added. According to a 2018 Life & Style magazine report, the couple sought counseling one month after their marriage. An insider told the outlet that they "are very close and open with each other," "but being in the spotlight can put pressure on any relationship." The source added that they want to figure out their problems before they "develop into something bigger."

Hailey emphasized that she's "fighting" "to build a healthy relationship," according to the Vogue interview. However, marriage takes work, as she noted, "We're two young people who are learning as we go. I'm not going to sit here and lie and say it's all a magical fantasy. You don't wake up every day saying, 'I'm absolutely so in love and you are perfect.'"

Hailey talked to her parents before she married Justin Bieber

Like most brides, Hailey Bieber wanted to talk to her parents before her future husband popped the question.

Hailey reportedly called her parents after Justin proposed in July 2018 and said, "This is the time I need you to stop me from doing something crazy if you think this is a bad idea." She got candid in the fourth episode of Justin's "Seasons" docuseries when she discussed the time when she talked to her parents about marrying Justin. She said, "In my heart I knew that's what I wanted to do," but felt like she had to get an "okay" from her parents. Hailey was thinking they would say, "Relax and take a breath and think about this and see how you feel in like 24 hours or a week," but they said the opposite. She said they came back with, "Honestly, we think that this is meant to be for you and we know that this is what you want, so we trust you."

Hailey's reasoning for phoning her parents is pretty relatable: "It's just such a big life decision that it was just, it was so much emotion all at one time," she said. It seems like her parents knew Justin and Hailey were a perfect match!