The Truth About Cardi B And Offset's Extravagant First Date

Cardi B and Offset don't exactly shy away from extravagance. Whether it's their daughter Kulture's third birthday party, or a shopping spree, these two know how to go all out. Apparently, they've been doing that since the beginning, too. Offset and Cardi have been dating since sometime in 2017 and got secretly married in September of that year. Their relationship wasn't always easy, with constant rumors about the Migos rapper cheating on her and several public breakups and re-couplings ensuing. 

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper defended her decision to Cosmopolitan (via Us Weekly) to get back with her hubby in 2018. "I know I look good, I know I'm rich, I know I'm talented. I know I could get any man I want — any basketball player, football player. But I want to work out my s*** with my man, and I don't got to explain why. I'm not your property," she said. "This is my life ... I'm going to take my time, and I'm going to decide on my decision ... It's not right, what he f***ing did — but people don't know what I did, 'cause I ain't no angel." 

Together or not, the two obviously have an intense connection, as Offset explained during a July appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show. Read on to see what he said, and for the story about how their love began.

Cardi B and Offset's first date was a touchdown

Offset opened up about his first date with Cardi B on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to guest host Anthony Anderson, saying that he "went big."  "I wanted to do something that was not normally done. I wanted to have fun," he added. So where did he take her? The 2017 Super Bowl! The Atlanta Falcons were playing the New England Patriots and Offset lost a $10,000 bet on the game that night. "But you know what I won? My wife," Offset said. Adorable, right? 

As Cardi B told GQ, via Us Weekly, "I told my publicist to tell him, because I was very shy, 'Listen, if we gonna go on a public date together, you cannot make me look like a dumba** after this.' And he was like, 'No, I really like her. I'm really feeling her.' We was talking, we was making out. We didn't f***. After the Super Bowl, it got really serious because I feel, like, all eyes on us." 

It did get serious, and they continued to go big for each other. Offset confirmed to Anderson all of the gifts they've exchanged, including a half-million dollars stashed in a refrigerator, a $500,000 golden Lamborghini, a Lambo SUV, and a $1 million 20-carat diamond ring modeled off the necklace from "Titanic," via Billboard. When you set the tone by going to the Super Bowl on a first date, you have to keep raising the bar, right?