The Truth About Sarah Emig From Fboy Island

If you're looking for something to spice up your summer, HBO Max is releasing a brand new dating show called "FBOY Island" on July 29. For those unsure what the title means, "Fboy" is a millennial slang term used to describe a player. The reality series took that concept to create a dating competition on an island where three women looking for love are joined by 24 men, 12 who say they're "nice guys" and 12 who are self-proclaimed "Fboys" and apparently only there for a cash prize. Eventually, who is who will be revealed, and fans will see who the ladies choose, and whether or not nice guys really do finish last.

Comedian Nikki Glaser is hosting "FBOY Island" and seems to have no doubt that the show will be a hit. She told Deadline, "I knew going into it that a show created and produced by the people behind my two favorite shows – "The Bachelor" and "Love Is Blind" – was going to be insanely good, but this one exceeded my expectations." She continued, "I already know what happens and I can't wait to watch it every week."

While the show may have the word "boy" in the title, it's centered on three women who are wading into this strange dating pool to choose which type of guy they ultimately want to be with. One of them is Sarah Emig. Here's the type of guy she's looking for.

Sarah Emig wants someone who lives life to the fullest

Fitness enthusiast Sarah Emig is hoping to find her dream guy while starring on the reality dating competition "FBOY Island." When Sarah isn't competing in challenges to decide who's a "nice guy" and who's a "Fboy," the blond beauty is probably at the gym. According to People, fitness plays a major part in Sarah's life, yet it's not what she does for work since her occupation is listed by the site as Social Media Manager. It's unclear which company, in particular, Sarah works for, but she is based in Chicago, Ill. Sarah appears to be putting her social media skills to work when it comes to "FBOY Island," as she has frequently posted about the show on her Instagram.

Sarah isn't all about work though. She revealed that her favorite things are "going to festivals, taking trips, hanging out on rooftops, and going out on boats." As to why she decided to interrupt her life to go on a reality show, Sarah explained to People that she signed on for "FBOY Island" because of what she learned in 2020, which was to "take risks and live life to the fullest."

Sarah seems to be hoping that by putting herself out there on "FBOY Island," she'll find a man who feels the same way about "getting the absolute most out of life and won't settle for anything less." We'll see if Sarah goes for a "nice guy" or ... not!