The Truth About Nakia Renee From Fboy Island

"Fboy Island" is an HBO Max reality show that sees three women on a tropical island with 24 men vying for love. The series, premiering July 29, borrows elements from popular reality shows such as "The Bachelor" and "Love Island USA," but what sets "Fboy Island" apart is that half of the men are "nice guys," while the other half are self-professed "Fboys," per Screen Rant. Uh oh!

The cheeky reality series is hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, who helped differentiate the show from its predecessors. "The real difference right out of the gate is that it's a comedy," she told Us Weekly. Glaser said that while "Fboy Island" takes a lighthearted approach to helping the castmates find romance, it "doesn't mean the love stories that occur aren't as real and as gripping and emotional," as other shows.

The three women who will navigate this tricky field of suitors all have experience with dating "Fboys" in the past. CJ Franco is a model and content creator who admittedly dates "dumb and fun" guys, per BuzzFeed News. "If you're too smart, you're not gonna love me pranking you and pretending I've been arrested," she said on the show. Sarah Emig is a social media manager who spends a lot of her free time at music festivals, and is unafraid to make herself available for love, per People. Nakia Renee rounds out the group of ladies on the island. Keep reading to find out more about this budding reality TV star.

She has released popular songs

Nakia Renee is a self-described "hopeless romantic" who has a history of dating "Fboys" in the past, but has never made a habit of dating multiple people at once, per People. As she tells one of the suitors on the show (via BuzzFeed News), "I think you're very attractive. I think you take care of your image — l can tell you're charismatic, have great energy. For me, those have all been signs of an 'Fboy' in the past." Ouch! Leading up to "Fboy Island" airing, Nakia promoted the series in an Instagram post. Her page is a combination of modeling photos, dancing videos, and posts that promote her music.

The "Fboy Island" star has a burgeoning career as a musician. Nakia Renee makes pop music, but with a different flair than most radio-friendly musicians. "She takes influences from Afropop, R&B, and soul music," Upstream Indie described. In October 2020, Nakia released a video for her most popular song to date called "Just Like Me." The artist drew influence from African pop music to create the rhythmic tune which has a positive message that promotes inclusivity. "I don't judge by the color of the skin I judge by the character," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo promoting the video's release. The snap featured Nakia sitting with three of the dancers from her eye-catching music video. She's definitely going to make for great TV!