Have Donald Trump And Rudy Giuliani Ended Their Feud?

Are Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani friends again? That's the question everyone has been asking since the former president left the White House in January. Giuliani, who represented Trump amid his claims of election fraud in various states, reportedly fell out with Trump after he refused to pay his legal fees, per The Hill

According to The Guardian, Trump refused to pay for Giuliani's legal fees after he failed to overturn the November 2020 election results. Giuliani, under Trump's orders, mounted over 50 lawsuits against swing states won by Joe Biden, but most of them were thrown out by the courts almost immediately for lack of evidence, per NBC News. Still, Giuliani thought he was entitled to a payout as Trump's personal lawyer.

The Washington Post reported that Giuliani requested Trump pay him $20,000 per day for his services last year. Trump instructed his aides not to pay Giuliani's outstanding fees, leaving the former mayor of New York to raise funds for himself (per Vanity Fair). However, it seems like time away from the White House has improved their relationship. Find out where their relationship stands now below.

Donald Trump loves Rudy Giuliani again

Former President Donald Trump effectively ended the speculation about his feud with Rudy Giuliani after he invited him to an August 4 political rally, per the Independent. Giuliani posted a photo of Trump speaking at a New York Republican Party rally in Westchester County and praised the former president for his public speaking abilities. "Addressing the NY GOP and it is such a contrast. He can speak without teleprompters, notes, and handlers. And he accomplished so much in just four years," Giuliani wrote on Twitter.

Trump, on the other hand, said, "We love Rudy" while inviting the former mayor of New York on stage and praised his son, Andrew Giuliani, as "one of the best political golfers" (via the Independent).

Although Trump is seemingly on friendlier terms with Giuliani, he still refuses to provide financial assistance to his former personal attorney. Maggie Haberman of The New York Times tweeted on August 1 that Giuliani is "close to broke" and is in "legal jeopardy." This revelation comes after the F.B.I. raided his house and office in May as part of an investigation into his dealings in Ukraine, according to The New York Times. So, while Trump still loves Giuliani, he's still keeping his wallet in his back pocket for the time being.