The Truth About Ramona Singer And Sonja Morgan's Latest Feud

There are very few things that are certain in life, but death, taxes and a fight between Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan on Season 13 of "Real Housewives of New York City" are some of them. From Ramona not inviting Sonja to her birthday lunch and telling her she needs to lose weight, to Sonja drinking too much and getting jealous of Ramona's supposed 50 closest girlfriends (via Screen Rant), the longtime BFFs alway seem to get on each other's nerves at some point during filming. Of course, it's not always bad blood between them. Whenever they room together on vacation, or both cackle hysterically at something the other cast members don't find that funny, viewers are reminded of the beauty of their close friendship.

On Season 13 of "Real Housewives of New York City" the pair seem to have been equally bothered by each other on different occasions. Ramona's lack of interest and empathy when it comes to the women discussing the Black Lives Matter movement and Sonja's tendency to have a few too many drinks are just a few of the reasons the ladies seem to be butting heads more than normal this season. Read on to find out about what they fought about on the most recent episode of the show.

Sonja Morgan accuses Ramona Singer of "social climbing" during Black Shabbat dinner

New cast member Eboni K. Williams invited the women to a Black Shabbat dinner, which went anything but smoothly. Sonja ends up having too much to drink and goes off the rails, screaming at Ramona at a dinner table, accusing her of being a social climber. "Excuse me jealous b****," Sonja begins after Ramona interrupts her spiel about the charity dinners she throws. "What are you doing on a daily basis to help somebody?" the Sonja by Sonja Morgan designer yelled. "Don't shut me up. Don't you ever shush me! Please have some boundaries and do something for others and stop social climbing." 

The other guests at the table are clearly flabbergasted by Sonja's outburst, while Luann de Lesseps attempts to calm her down. "Social f****** climbing for yourself," Sonja continued to scream. "For what? Another yacht, another plane, another dress, another Gucci?" Sonja throws down her napkin and storms out of the room. "She had lost her mind, this is scary," the Ageless by Ramona founder quietly remarks. Sonja claps back angrily as she leaves the room, "Yeah I lost my mind, why don't you buy one? Find a purpose." Sonja continues to express her discontent with Ramona to Luann. "She's not doing the hard work, she's not doing the heavy lifting but she needs to do more."

We're confident the pair will be able to settle their differences as they always do.