PGA Star Patrick Reed Hospitalized With Serious Illness

Patrick Reed is one of the most well-known golfers in the world, and as fans who follow the sport, we know that his name frequently hits the top of the leaderboard. The superstar has enjoyed a storied career on the PGA Tour and while he may be somewhat of a controversial player, that doesn't make his career and his career earnings any less impressive. According to the PGA website, Reed has raked in a cool $35 million during his career on tour, and that doesn't even count the crazy number of endorsement deals that he probably has. Yep, it pays to be a professional golfer. 

One of Reed's most impressive accomplishments was winning The Masters in 2018. We're not gonna lie, the green jacket is pretty legit and it makes you a lifelong member of the Masters' club along with plenty of other big names like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. "It's almost impossible to put into words," Reed told The Augusta Chronicle following his win. "Just to make the putt on the last and watch the ball go into the hole and win my first major, and finally end the drought and not only contend in majors but get in the winning circle, it just meant so much to me."

But while Reed may undoubtedly be superhuman on the golf course, that doesn't discount him from dealing with any severe illnesses. Keep scrolling to find out what caused Reed to go to the hospital and why it's so intense.

Patrick Reed's illness shouldn't be taken lightly

Patrick Reed is in the hospital following a scary illness. According to the New York Post, the PGA star is currently staying at a hospital in Houston as he deals with bilateral interstitial pneumonia. WebMD shares that this type of pneumonia is dangerous because it can cause scarring around both lungs. Many people receive this diagnosis after COVID-19, though it's unclear if they're related in Reed's case. According to The Golf Channel, doctors made the diagnosis when they were checking out Patrick's ankle injury. Luckily, the Masters' winner shared that he's now "on the road to recovery." The golfer's wife, Justine Reed, also issued a statement on her husband's behalf, stating that he is still in the care of the hospital and noted that he's "doing much better." 

"​​It was very scary the last few days, and right now we don't have a timeline on his recovery," Justine added. She also took time to address whether or not her husband would be participating in the PGA's next event — the BMW Championship in Maryland. "I never count him out but I do know he will not be able to play BMW. We are just taking it one day at a time," Justine added. "We are following all of the doctors' orders, and you can sure bet as soon as they give him the go-ahead to play, he will." 

Justine also made sure to share that their number one focus is getting Patrick better.