Inside Matthew McConaughey's Lavish Texas Mansion

The popular saying goes: home is where the heart is. No matter how many fantastic cities or amazing views you see, there's no place that can beat the place and town that raised you. This must be especially true for the stars of Hollywood, since they are prone to running around the globe to attend events, parties and whatnots. Especially since they have spent countless days in a hotel or abroad, it's no wonder that many celebrities choose to buy a mansion in their hometown, so they can always have a place to conjure up their childhood memories and a simpler time.

The same goes for "True Detective" alum Matthew McConaughey, who purchased a $6 million mansion near Austin, Texas back in 2012, per Cheat Sheet. As you can already guess, the Hollywood super-talent grew up in Texas — specifically, the small town of Uvalde, which has a population of roughly 15,700, per The Things.

So what does McConaughey's mansion look like? And how have he and his wife, Camila Alves, modified their house to accommodate their lifestyle? Read on to find out more!

Matthew McConaughey's Texas mansion has a gorgeous interior and exterior

When Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves were searching for the perfect home, their current Texas mansion must have caught their eyes immediately. Built in 1997 by American architect Addison Mizner near Austin, the 11,349 square foot estate has nine bedrooms and a whopping 11 bathrooms, perfect for the couple's family of three children. McConaughey recently revealed that his mother is also staying with them.

True to the South's influence, the exteriors and interiors of the mansion take on elements of comfort and hospitality, without losing a touch of modern chicness. An example would be the gorgeous two-island kitchen that is completely decked out with wooden cabinets and large windows to capture the views of the nearby lake, per Nimvo. Alves also frequently proves that their kitchen isn't all looks by posting Insta videos of her in the beloved space, whether it's her making Yucca fries or giving out tips on picking a sweet watermelon. She also shared another Insta vid of her enjoying some snacks in what appears to be a living room (with a stunning view). Good vibes all around!

Matthew McConaughey's mansion provides space for many athletic activities

Matthew McConaughey has been quarantining alongside his family at their Texas mansion because of the pandemic, so it's a relief that their living spaces provide them the ability to pursue some exciting at-home activities. For example, according to Cheat Sheet, the seven boat slips in his backyard that connect to a lake offer the opportunity for swimming and other watersports — definitely useful when you have a bunch of kids to entertain! Back in 2020, Camila Alves posted to Insta a clip of her conquering the wild in a paddle boat in what appears to be near the McConaugheys' Texas residence. "One of my passions," the designer wrote in the caption alongside some heart emojis.

Besides athletic adventures, the mansion marked another turning point in McConaughey's life. In 2012, the then-couple held their private wedding on the property and invited guests such as Reese Witherspoon and Meg Ryan, via Us Weekly. "We decided to embrace the ritual of marriage as an opportunity and adventure we'll take together," McConaughey said to People. Talk about a memorable event! We love how many memories are made at this mansion by the McConaughey family.