Linda Shi

Photo of Linda Shi
Northwestern University
TV, Pop Culture, Social Media
  • Linda spends hours absorbing different video essays on celebrity culture.
  • She researches celebrities who have become entrepreneurs and have their own alcohol brands.
  • She is always the first one to know when a Hollywood couple has gotten together or broken up.


Linda grew up watching celebrity news segments and reading glossy magazines alongside her mom. After learning about journalism and leading her high school's magazine, she is writing and editing for the entertainment section at her university's online magazine, North by Northwestern. She also works as a multimedia editor for STITCH, her school's fashion magazine, where she researches and edits newsworthy podcasts. On the side, she freelances for The Dipp, a personalized subscription website for TV show fanatics.


Linda took a journalism course during sophomore year of high school and, from the start, understood the importance of accurate, cited reporting. Her belief in that was further cemented at Northwestern, where she has since dabbled in multimedia journalism.
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